Sunday, 11 February 2018

What if you were my lost friend? A tale of hope and emotions!

Hello you!
I hope everything is good at your end!
So as the main reason why I started blogging was to spread optimism and the need of strong faith and hope so it was only right that I discussed a little tale of hope and emotions with you. 
Very peculiar things happen sometimes and leave you in a really weird sort of thinking zone where you are left thinking that it happened because it was bound to happen this way. Similar was the case with me when someone came across my blog months ago and thought that I was his long lost friend because we share the same name, same writing style or whatnot so he messaged me thinking that I am her and now is what I really would want to address because being the sort of person who has been through a loss of a friend, a childhood friend, 2ish years ago and also a sort person who has faith strongest than the strongest thing that ever existed as I say, it felt really weird to see someone as similar. So I could see it through texts the hope that he had that he must have gathered before texting me, it was evident and to be honest I really felt gutted that his hopes weren't fulfilled because obviously I wasn't her. You know there is this thing when your hope breaks a drastic change takes place, it could be positive as it can make you believe more and that only happens when you really have a strong faith and a everything-happens-for-a-reason kinda mindset,or a negative one that people lose their hope and faith so when I thought of replying I was only thinking of the consequences of my reply because obviously I didn't want him to feel dejected by his faith and hope so I was in a sort of a denial. But I myself hoped for the better and replied and you know what I was impressed by his faith and hope not getting wounded by that because he was also a sort of really optimistic person and that felt really relieving and it was a gooden. I really would want to quote his words here which he said later on but I think they are so up my street and I liked them a lot so they goes like 'No, I wasn't strong enough, but Allah is so merciful that he has given me the strength to face all this. Actually he is so merciful to all human and has given us strength and courage to face all circumstances. we just have to find out those strengths'. These words felt like something I believe in so much so it was really good to hear such words from him and I knew that he took that very positively and so I was satisfied. These words should be understood by everyone, I know we believe in them but we don't really imply them in our life and we should just sit back and tell ourselves to fully understand this whole thing. So we just had a small chinwag and that was all and I said that I would really pray that she comes back so as I always say 'everything happens for a reason' , guess what happened he found her pretty soon after our chat and was so thankful that he found me and I prayed for him and because of that he found her and all, obviously that's not how it is but it just happened like this  because of his faith and hope and for him to not lose his hope that was beginning to fade with the passage of time but I am so grateful that it didn't happen and he was genuinely a really strong, faithful and hopeful person and with a hint of hope that I gave him, things worked out for him and that is what the beauty of faith is, that is why I stress on it so much always.  We don't know each other personally  but we both learned some bits from each other which both of us will always remember, it was a positive healthy small conversation that we had and you just learn from people every day and its good to know that very positive and hopeful are still out there when you see so much hopelessness around so its good to see someone like him. 
Two of the things are my motto for life one of them is 'everything happens for a reason and second 'faith can get you everywhere'! Honestly these two things are so true and our amazing to be lived by. Make them part of your life and see how things turns out to be on your way!
Always have a strong faith and believe in what you think, believe in yourself and your prayers. Faith is one heck of an amazing thing and for me its gets stronger and stronger every day. 
Whatever happens to you think of a fair few good possibilities of why that possibly happened and believe me you will always find a reason, a good one for sure!
So yeah thats that I hope that It would leave a mark on people that how faith can do wonders.

See you in my next post!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Why are we 'always' on the phone!?

Hey Everyone!!
I hope everything is good at your end!
A while back I finished reading a novel trilogy by the one and only Zoe Sugg and when I ended the last part ' Girl online going solo', I was amazed by the end. 

It has a very strong message and the answer to the misconception of us teens being on the phone all the time. I wont spoil it by giving away the exact scene, it was a very beautiful ending indeed, but the message is what I am going to talk about.
I know there are drawbacks of using the phone and some people aren't using it for all the good things yet the bad things but the majority of the people especially the teenagers are using it for various good and important things which are not only for the sake of recreation. 

  • We study!
These days because of all the technology advancement and all that, we have to do much of our study by using our phones. We are on different websites learning about things related to our college/ university subjects. We have our notes and slides whatsapped to us by are teachers. We have to connect with our class to stay updated on all the things, the classes and the schedules. Because of google, all our problems and queries are handed to it and we get answers in a jiffy. So the sole reason for the use of cell phones is this I believe but obviously people don't believe it,they think we are wasting time or whatnot but sometimes we actually are being productive while being on the phone. The emphasis on the word 'sometimes':). We are making notes on our phones which is a bit meh because the essence of making notes on a notebook with a pen is just very therapeutic in my opinion. But still the point is that we have notes and to do lists in our phones all the time and we are catching up on them. So yeah we study on our phones that's why you see us having our phones in our hands a lot especially during exam time but its thought that we are just chating away with friends but we are not we are trying to study by keeping our phone on airplane mode! We have group works and for doing that we have whatsapp groups in which we talk about the nitty-gritty details of our work and thats time taking as well.

  • We catch up with loved ones who are far away!

Another thing that we all know is that the world is becoming a global village but as much as we think of it as a bad thing sometimes but I know its good to be in contact with someone who is miles away but at the same time we feel like the distances have become so less and we talk and share so much of our lives that when we meet in person we dont have much to catch up on. This thing bothers me at times but its a very good thing at the same time and because of this we have to spend time on phone to catch up on with people who are far away and we cant meet them soon enough. Its very important to keep up with the friends and family who are living abroad or far away and you cant meet them so because of that we use face-time, whatsapp and several sites so thats take up a lot of our time and is the reason for us being on the phone. Its very important to keep up with the loved ones who dont live near us.

  • We Read!

We the readers, READ on our phone. Some read novels on it which I feel is a bit unhealthy for our brain and eyes but they do. Its the era of reading and writing online a.k.a blogging era so we read on it at least I do read a ton of blog posts on my phone similarly my brother is habitual of using 'pocket', an app that sets your favorite articles offline so you can read 'em on the go. He always does read them while he waits for me in the car so yeah that's the reason for being on the phone. 
I catch up on my favorite bloggers blog and reading takes up a lot of time as well. Blog posts are not that long so its fine to read them on the phone but try to read novels and stories in book form I would suggest because its bad for your eyesight!

  • We photograph!

We capture photos and upload them and some of the teens are earning from it and also taking a picture and editing and making it perfect requires a lot of time and effort so that is also a reason for being on phone. But its a good activity and it is such a mood lifter for a lot of people and taking pictures in not bad, its good and its also comes under the category of being productive but if you are taking selfies of yourself on your phone then that's not that healthy I believe, that's a waste of time so that's that if you are doing that then that's not being productive:)

  • We work!
People are working from home a lot these days and its not considered a proper job but it is and it takes up as much time as a 'normal' job does so for that purpose you have to be on your phone a lot doing emails and messages and contracts and all that which is being productive! A lot of teenagers or young adults are also doing online proper jobs which is very nice so doing that requires a lot of phones involvement!

There are so many good things that we are doing while we are on the phone but its bad too so we should try to restrict our hours of using it for sure. And just try to take good use of it, it has so many effective impacts on us if used well! 
Everything has advantages and disadvantages but most of the time we count the disadvantages more and advantages less. Also it is our responsibility to use things for the good and not for waste of time.
So yeah just had a random thought few minutes ago while sorting out my novels so I wanted to share it 
thanks for reading
See you in the next post till the be positive, have faith and be strong!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Stepping out of that 'bubble'.

I hope life is treating you well and so are you..
Since its a new year, ' New year, new me' is a thing which goes round and I don't really feel for this concept because I feel like changing your habits , adopting new routines, new and fresh mindsets shouldn't be in need of  a new year, a new month or a new week. Change should happen right there in that moment, in that blink of eye. 
Change is something that a lot of us resist because we are so fond of our comfort zone or that ' bubble ' of ours. So because of that we try to retain ourselves from a lot of risks and we don't try much without knowing that some sort of change might be so beneficial for us. That bubble makes us so comfortable that it stops us from trying and experiencing the beauty of new things.
From this very moment just think of all the little things that are new and you have always been afraid to do them just because of that immunity that you feel by being in your comfort zone. And will see the difference that it will bring onto our lives. For all I know is that when ever I have tried something new it has never had a bad impact ever and has always made me more sure of my choices, myself and my confidence. 
There is also a comfortable life out of your bubble and its exciting. Change is needed in order to groom yourself.
So right now think of any thing and just do it don't wait for new year to be a new version of yourself or a third person to come and tell you but if you are lucky like me and one of your best class mates is there to motivate you in the best possible way to come out of that ' dair inch ki masjid  as I say always', same old rut of yours and try and experiment new stuff because you can do a lot more. If there ain't no one then I am here to tell you that you don't need anyone to wake you up, you yourself are enough. 
Start from something small and gradually move onto saying YES to new things. Make it a habit! 
For instance it could be something as simple as coming on Instagram as I did. .Its nothing extravagant, a lot of people use Instagram daily but for a person like me who don't like social media because of the social anxiety that I have when it comes to sharing my life, my issues and my sufferings because I am a bit too scared to share so for me saying yes to making an Instagram account and putting myself out there is a huge deal.. *cough cough* please don't make fun of me, I know its such a small thing but for me its not. My social anxiety was a huge deal a while back for me but with the passage of time only I know how much I have worked on myself to overcome that and become a  confident person, I still am working on it. But still the remains are here in the form of social anxiety online, not in person. I am such an introvert and a kind of a private person, I might not look like one I know but I know I am in many respects. I just don't want to be on social media. I have always felt this weird feeling in my stomach when ever I thought of joining this ever growing community of people online, its never been my cup of tea. I might be sounding like a total lunatic right now but its the truth. I never ever felt at ease whenever I gave this thing a thought or two. I have built this little cocoon around myself in which I feel safe and sound so being on social media sites scares the heck out of me despite knowing the fact that I have the most amazing understanding and appreciative group of friends and fellows for life who have been alongside me since forever, but I have never been ready to be on social  media. You might not wanna know how much conception and 'what ifs' and 'second thoughts' have gone into the existence of this Instagram account. Stepping out of my comfort zones has never been easy but my blog is an exception but believe me it was also a long time coming  thing at time but I did step out of me comfort zone and started it  honestly it is a thing which has given me so much joy and so much that I cant even begin to tell you but its a good example of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things and seeing how they nourish you! 

Lets do it together and try to take baby steps out of our comfort zone and help each other as well, comment down below any of your anxieties and we might be able to motivate each other.
So yeah it could be something as simple as that I just did or it could be taking yourself out by yourself and by enjoying your own company or trying a new food item or on the grand scheme of things do say yes to something big like delivering a speech at your college function and face that crowd for once or learning to drive cause because of your bubble you are so afraid to learn to drive a car by yourself and that anxiety of being on the road by yourself one day. Its the little things, just think of all the things you have been hiding from and experience life, be creative and be sane. there is this very beautiful quote which I really want to imply in my life and it goes ' Life begins at the end of your comfort zone'. So I am really going to try and do a lot of new things and I can feel it that it is going to be exciting!

As I once said that struggle makes us sane and very similarly discomfort nourishes us. Think of it this way that if we wont try new how would we learn? We wont learn anything new ever. So change your daily rituals a little. Say yes to trying some new exercise. never meditated before? okay tell yourself that you are gonna mediate from the very next morning. 
Long story short right now, think new, plan new and try new! 

Thank you so much for reading, take care, be positive, be patient and have faith AND say yes to new adventures and lets do this altogether :)
see you next time!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Does absence makes your heart grow fonder!

Hello people!
I hope your are doin' well!
The other day I was sat wondering as you do, so I came across this thought that people say that when someone is not in contact with you for a while or you leave a work place or maybe an institute etc etc than you eventually get over it and move on. As they say sometimes 'out of sight, out of mind!' which is something I disagree with to some extent because I am of the view that 'absence makes your heart grow fonder'. It is a saying which is mostly related to relationships but when I gave it a hard and fast thought I figured it fits on so many other levels as well!

I think so because when someones not there or the time is not the same anymore, you miss them or that time that you had, a bit more because memories are something that literally haunt you and when they do they leave you in a miserable state of the constant emptiness. So in such case I feel like I agree with 'absence makes your heart grow fonder' and not with 'out of sight out of mind'. I think when you have hold of something or you have something close to you in your custody lets say, you feel for it, you do value it but I have this feeling that when something, some sort of time period is taken away from you, you feel a much stronger feeling towards it and that is what makes your heart really grow fonder!
Some say that in each and every case of life 'distance' is a very important thing, it makes you value more, it makes you fall more, it makes you appreciate more, I agree! but its hard. That time period of being distant from someone, from your home, your home town, your family, your friends or distance of any sort is very hard and painful yet important and beautiful, I say. 

It is hard for obvious reasons and painful as well for obvious reasons too. Why is it important and beautiful you might think well I think that way maybe cause I try to be an optimistic and everything-happens-for-a-reason-kinda-mindset person maybe just maybe so that is why I feel like even distance is beautiful. It is it is, for instance you left your college, now you are grown up you haven't been there for ages and when you see some younger ones and when you tell them about your time, your college time, they see and you feel a really weird and beautiful sort of happiness swirling in your eyes and why exactly does that happen, it does because of the distance, because of that gap that made your heart fonder for your college era. Maybe if you think keenly you didn't like your college as much but now you appreciate it more and love it more cause being away has made you miss that time so much. Similar is the case with people. When someone is not there, is not approachable, its gets more hard than being beautiful but it still is beautiful and it constantly keeps you engages in them gorgeous memories and thoughts of creating more and more. Also, only that distance feels beautiful which we know has an end to it, if we know that 'this' distance is forever now than obviously that's a whole another story, I ain't taking bout that.
Everyone has own perceptions, experiences, thoughts and point of views, mine regarding this is that surely absence makes your heart grow fonder and a lot fonder I might add. Its not a pity party, its not a very glorious thing as I am trying to portray. I am a very realistic person I try to write and tell what is real and not just a fantasy and ' all rainbows and sunshine '  kinda thing. As the absence makes your heart grow fonder, it also gets tougher with every passing day and that's when you have to be that stronger version of yourself. Try to be as much patient and as much positive about it that's the only way you can 'survive' apart from that only hard and painful will stay and not the ' beautiful '  part at all. It's hard but you've got this!

Take care!:)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

This too shall pass!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope that life is treating you well and you had a great start to 2018, Happy New Year! 
Lets make this one count!:)
So long time no see. I missed blogging a lot but sometimes life happens and you just can't find time or you just run out of things to talk about so anywho here we are bright and fresh in 2018 and talking of a new year, today I decided to talk about the fact that time keeps on changing. We all know this, its nothing new but I feel that 'this to shall pass' is such a universal truth which we are all familiar with but tho we know it  we don't really comprehend it properly.You might think why or how I can say that so I can say that because I know a lot of people don't think of this universal truth when they are not feeling a 100% or are lacking motivation in their life or when things are not working for them basically.

 I absolutely adore this beautiful Quranic verse!
Just for some seconds think about it, you will feel at ease:)

This phrase 'this too shall pass' is one of them things which I take very seriously in my own life and maybe its one of the things that helps me stay positive about hardships of life, its a good contributing factor to that. The thing which need to be worked on is the process of sitting down and telling yourself about understanding this thing that whatever you are going through will soon pass away and trust me, you wont even remember! 
We live a life which is like a book cause it consists of chapters and if you are a bookworm or read a lot you will for sure agree that the chapters of a book, of a novel are all different Some are happy, some are sad and a lot more kinds but we dont think about life in that form, if we start doing that we will gradually comprehend the fact that ' this too shall pass'. 
My question is why to cling on to things for far to long despite knowing that even your life, your breaths are so damn uncertain, you don't have a clue whether you will live in the next year or not! Then why just why we spend lets say 80% of our life not considering this fact, by just worrying and feeling down and anxious about the future and the pros and cons of things. Life is uncertain and so is the time, it constantly changes and I have touched this topic before that when time is bad don't feel sorry for yourself, consider yourself the luckiest being because you are worthy of being tested! Not everyone is tested for me the ones who are good enough are tested and I think if we take this pressure of passing that test with flying colors as much as we pressurize our self for an exam in school then we are good to go. How to do that you might ask! Its simple.. be patient! That's all, remind your little  self to understand that its a matter of time and it will pass. This thing reminds of Louis Tomlinson's ' just hold on' lyric which goes like 'So what do you want them to say when you're gone?‬ That you gave up or that you kept going on?‬
You know even if your hardships pass and you don't succeed fully but if you stay patient  and keep working on it and don't give up, that has a really good impact on you and your outlook on life! 
Life is small, it really is. So if its treating you well enjoy it before it too pass because time is time and it will pass whether its good or bad! If its good, make the most of it because in my opinion good times tend to pass a bit more quicker.. I think you will agree with me on this.
This year try to make an effort to change your outlook on how you perceive certain things and you know what I feel like life isn't as hard as we try to make it. I know there are times when you feel like you are running short on breath and feel like someone is strangling you, trust me I have been there and its not easy BUT if a normal person like me can survive, why can't you? You yourself is the only person who can make you have a control over it, learn to tackle it and tell yourself that ' hey listen I know you feel like dying and the most useless being that walked this planet but believe me last year you felt the same, didn't you? it got sorted! so why wont it this time? It surely will so just be cool"
BE PATIENT AND HAVE FAITH! Even if you see your life falling into gizzilian pieces in front of your eyes. Things mend with the passage of time and along with a hint of patience, tons of faith and spoonful of prayers and of course a dash of effort :) 
 Just try to live by these words and mark my words life will become easy!
If right now you don't have your life as you want it to be then I just want you to know that all this anxiety and tension on your nerves is for the time being. When you will be out of this phase you will be fine and trust me you wont remember all this! Pray as much as you can and pray with faith! 
I hope 2018 turns out to be the best one for you. Its a new slate right, be the best writer you have ever been and right an awesome year:)

If you gave any experience where you felt like dying but you passed it and it helped you in shaping your personalty, be sure to let us know!
see you soon:')