Monday, 24 November 2014

Life is unpredictable!


Wherever you are I hope it's a nice day.:)

 LIFE ....Honestly we cannot predict about the very next second of our lives . We don't know what can and will happen next. We are the ones who make PLANS for next 10 years :p which sounds really funny as life is not at all reliable it changes very quickly.. ON the whole LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE.....

Yeah I think rather then being in tension about the future we should enjoy our present as we don't know what will be our life in the next hour or next day ,even NEXT SECOND! 
again the same thing which a addressed in an earlier blog post the LIFE IS TOO SMALL please enjoy it before it ends..
You may be feeling so bad today and you must have been happy the day before yesterday or yesterday so this is an example that you were happy the other day today you are sad so it will go away as it is a temporary change. So whatever you ate feeling is a temporary feeling don'y get too much tensed it will FADE AWAY soon:) Try to be happy and STAY POSITIVE ALWAYS :)

BYE :)