Saturday, 15 November 2014

Little things

Have a nice day :)

Little things own great great importance!!

In my daily life I try to think about the importance of little things. I think we keep on neglecting their importance. We should not do this as every BIG thing is made by a little thing .What we do is that we keep on praising the big ones and leave the small ones behind..
IN my opinion little things are the main cause of happiness, if not THEY SHOULD BE, because we see little things a lot in our daily life .If we start taking little things into consideration  we can change our lives.
We should find reasons of being happy in little things rather then in huge things... They could be anything for example:
  1. A beautiful cup of tea or coffee! :)
  2. Your favorite drama or program on TV..
  3. RED lipstick:)
  4. Painted nails.
  5. Leaf with dew drops on it!! ( It makes me so happy:))
  6. Just a good lie in :)
  7. Food from your favorite place.
  8. Comfy socks!:)
  9. Wearing your favorite clothes.
  10. Good sleep after hectic day.
  11. Talking with your best friends:)
  12. Your favorite movie..
Etc.......... You see it could be anything..IT is up to you....
just start seeing good in everything you will be happy...
From now on start talking little things into consideration:) find reasons in each day don't wait for big things to come...

Little drops of water, 
Little grains of sand, 
Make the mighty oceans,
 And the little moments, 
Humble though they be,
 Make the mighty ages,
 Of eternity;
 So our little errors,
 Lead the soul away,
 From the paths of virtue,
 Into sin to stray,
 Little deeds of kindness,
 Little words of love,
 Make our earth an Eden,
 Like the Heaven above.
 (Julia A. Carney) 

BE happy!! :) 
feel happy today look around and you will see reasons of being happy scattered :)