Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Taking Risks :/

I hope everyone is having good time:)
Risks! What are they ? I think they are nothing more than our fears.. TAKE RISKS IN LIFE they are pretty much important to keep going and ....

 Doing things outside of your COMFORT ZONE are really important ,if you stay in your comfort zone and never ever try anything new you WON'T achieve anything.
Making mistakes is not a shame but in my opinion not trying anything is shame!
TRY NEW THINGS this is the only way of discovering new things....... TAKE RISKS!
For example I always had a fear of attending tuition and IT was a really scary thing for me that what will happen to me or what will be my tutor like etc etc now let me tell you that today I went for a tuition for THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE and honestly it was not at all the way i pictured it in my mind :) So YAY I am happy and also KIND of proud of myself that at least I tried anything new and fortunately I went so WELL BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS :) :)
So the whole point of telling this example of myself is that trying new things is not as bad as we are thinking about it. Just a single step of COURAGE is needed and that's all you need .
Start taking risks and you will discover a huge amount of things that you will be proud of :)
so yeah that's it.......
Be happy..:)
keep smiling...:)
and try new things :)