Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year has begun!!

Another year is here. 2014 was a black year in the history of Pakistan . The ending was not at all a good one we lost more then 200 innocents! that is insane and here we are celebrating the new year like never before, WITH FULL ZEAL . This is it ! firecrackers , dances and everything is on routine! It is said ' forget the bad things that has happened in the past year and immediately we have forgotten EVERYTHING that has happened. The incident of Peshawar ! I can't put this thing into my mind how can we forget it , how can ?? It is devastating to see people on the streets doing firing and firecrackers ! I am not saying that we should not have hope for a wonderful year the point is be hopeful but all of the stuff that people are doing to welcome the year it does not suits us at this point!!  I mean come on it has been only 15 days since that brutal attack :( How can we do that ! How are we gonna face those children . On that day everyone was like it is Unforgettable , we have forgotten them after 15 days INTERESTING !
We have shown a GREAT evidence of A GREAT NATION !!!

But here we are in the new year 2015 . HOPEFULLY it will be a great year! Let us hope for the best! May Allah showers his endless blessings on all of us! Also a December like Dec 2014 may never ever come again! Stay blessed ! May everyone have a great year!
And I would like to add that there precious blood will never get wasted !
They are the heroes of 2014, they live in our hearts . I can't forget them at all honestly !!

Well hope for a good year !

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Wherever you are I hope it is a great day or .. night :) 
Sleeping is my favorite thing basically... :) Sleeping is a good way of getting distracted from everything that is going around you ! Whenever  you are stressed just cuddle up in your blanket and take a good sleep it will surely refresh your mind and will give you energy.
Now a days people really neglect sleeping. well I never ever neglect it :)

It always happen :) but you have to convince your mind:)

But your mobile down and go to sleep :)

 Due to advanced technologies, computers,mobiles , laptops tablets etc we all have reduced the time to sleep! which is affecting us badly but we are not aware of it and will cause great harm to us afterwards BUT WE DO NOT CARE! we have to car. Sleep is important! 
Very important indeed!!
when you lay down on your bed try your level best to let go of all the stuff that's bothering you focus on your sleep make a plan in your head what you you have to do the next day ,make a 'to do list' in your head...Just think about good things and good and exciting stuff don't think about stuff that makes you unhappy it won't let you sleep! Focus on your sleep! 
In my opinion it is the best time of the day when you lay down on your bed! Just talk a good book along  with you read some of it before sleeping! 
Enjoy your sleep time! Don't ruin it my thinking about stupid stuff :)

Good bye!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Unity is needed !

After the brutal attack in Peshawar now it is the duty of All of us to stand together as a nation and take a stand for those who lost there lives for no reason! They could have been our children . Then why wait for anything like that happen to us and then take a step? We should not wait . Show them that we are a NATION . We are not scared anymore. We can fight you.You cannot stop us from going to school. Seeking knowledge is our obligation we shall never ever stop IN SHA ALLAH .  We will not spare them IN SHA Allah...
Stand up for our children, brothers, mothers who lost their lives in that Brutal attack in Peshawar... Moaning and crying are not going to solve our problem..

Allah show mercy!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


'They went to school and never came back'
no words to express my feeling on this brutal attack in Peshawar. It is heart wrenching , it is very painful although we can;t feel even 1 % as the parents must have felt who lost their lives i-e their children :'( . I feel really anxious about this whole situation. it is very very sad indeed to even think of it. WHAT WAS THEIR FAULT?? they were innocent..Just for going to school they are killed in such a BRUTAL way. What must be the condition of the parents:(
       Just look at the bravery of the teachers and students who were inside who were presenting themselves to save their fellows:( mind blown:( 
      They are not with us BUT THEY DON'T DIE ....They are MARTYRED don't even call them dead :(
      Can't say anything can;t stop the tears . It is SUCH A SAD NEWS . 
It i the darkest moment in the history of Pakistan. they were innocent :( they really were :( 
      132 families are destroyed . Big loss big loss . don't have words to express this brutality . Allah is there justice will be given to everyone on the day of judgement. Everyone is in grief. PAKISTAN IS BLEEDING .. It has left a great mark on all of us .WE WON'T FORGET THEM , NEVER , EVER  they were he children of Pakistan . May Allah give patience to their families and to us also . The people who did all of this must be hanged in the center of Peshawar . The why they treated our innocent , they must be treated more and more then that... Pray for them .. Yesterday there must have been a huge hustle and bustle in heaven because of our Angels :'( May Allah protect every family from this sort of thing. Please ALLAH PAK keep our children save. show Mercy.. they are the brave ones!!
May Allah keep everyone save ad especially every innocent soul save :( THEY WERE INNOCENT.:"( 

Monday, 15 December 2014


This is a good topic to discuss '  appreciation '!!
I think it is some how a difficult thing for many people. There are some people out there who can't appreciate others NOT because they are jealous  but simply they can't do this either they lack confidence or they are a bit shy or it can be anything let me tell you I was this sort of person and I was always very very shy to appreciate others just it was not my thing i was unable to do it every single time I tried but with the passage of time I worked really hard to develop and know thankfully it is developed and I feel really good about it because for me making the people around me happy is such a wonderful feeling in this word I would like to say I try to do this but sometimes I fail at it as well which hurts :(  Oh I have started rambling let's get back to the point APPRECIATE OTHERS! 
        Appreciation gives a huge amount of positive energy to the person and he will always do better then he is previously doing!

 In my opinion everyone needs appreciation. IT'S IMPORTANT!! 

 So from now own start doing this practice it will surely help you as well as others!


Monday, 8 December 2014



Just wanted to do this blog post again to tell everyone out there that you ARE HONESTLY THE BEST PERSON , you can do anything JUST a little bit of determination is needed . Everyone is good in his own ways . You just have to to see your own qualities and there is only need of polishing them. Don;t worry bad times comes in everyone's life just stay calm and wait a great thing will happen hopefully. Ya so don;t get upset just stay happy that's all you need ........