Wednesday, 17 December 2014


'They went to school and never came back'
no words to express my feeling on this brutal attack in Peshawar. It is heart wrenching , it is very painful although we can;t feel even 1 % as the parents must have felt who lost their lives i-e their children :'( . I feel really anxious about this whole situation. it is very very sad indeed to even think of it. WHAT WAS THEIR FAULT?? they were innocent..Just for going to school they are killed in such a BRUTAL way. What must be the condition of the parents:(
       Just look at the bravery of the teachers and students who were inside who were presenting themselves to save their fellows:( mind blown:( 
      They are not with us BUT THEY DON'T DIE ....They are MARTYRED don't even call them dead :(
      Can't say anything can;t stop the tears . It is SUCH A SAD NEWS . 
It i the darkest moment in the history of Pakistan. they were innocent :( they really were :( 
      132 families are destroyed . Big loss big loss . don't have words to express this brutality . Allah is there justice will be given to everyone on the day of judgement. Everyone is in grief. PAKISTAN IS BLEEDING .. It has left a great mark on all of us .WE WON'T FORGET THEM , NEVER , EVER  they were he children of Pakistan . May Allah give patience to their families and to us also . The people who did all of this must be hanged in the center of Peshawar . The why they treated our innocent , they must be treated more and more then that... Pray for them .. Yesterday there must have been a huge hustle and bustle in heaven because of our Angels :'( May Allah protect every family from this sort of thing. Please ALLAH PAK keep our children save. show Mercy.. they are the brave ones!!
May Allah keep everyone save ad especially every innocent soul save :( THEY WERE INNOCENT.:"(