Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year has begun!!

Another year is here. 2014 was a black year in the history of Pakistan . The ending was not at all a good one we lost more then 200 innocents! that is insane and here we are celebrating the new year like never before, WITH FULL ZEAL . This is it ! firecrackers , dances and everything is on routine! It is said ' forget the bad things that has happened in the past year and immediately we have forgotten EVERYTHING that has happened. The incident of Peshawar ! I can't put this thing into my mind how can we forget it , how can ?? It is devastating to see people on the streets doing firing and firecrackers ! I am not saying that we should not have hope for a wonderful year the point is be hopeful but all of the stuff that people are doing to welcome the year it does not suits us at this point!!  I mean come on it has been only 15 days since that brutal attack :( How can we do that ! How are we gonna face those children . On that day everyone was like it is Unforgettable , we have forgotten them after 15 days INTERESTING !
We have shown a GREAT evidence of A GREAT NATION !!!

But here we are in the new year 2015 . HOPEFULLY it will be a great year! Let us hope for the best! May Allah showers his endless blessings on all of us! Also a December like Dec 2014 may never ever come again! Stay blessed ! May everyone have a great year!
And I would like to add that there precious blood will never get wasted !
They are the heroes of 2014, they live in our hearts . I can't forget them at all honestly !!

Well hope for a good year !