Sunday, 28 December 2014


Wherever you are I hope it is a great day or .. night :) 
Sleeping is my favorite thing basically... :) Sleeping is a good way of getting distracted from everything that is going around you ! Whenever  you are stressed just cuddle up in your blanket and take a good sleep it will surely refresh your mind and will give you energy.
Now a days people really neglect sleeping. well I never ever neglect it :)

It always happen :) but you have to convince your mind:)

But your mobile down and go to sleep :)

 Due to advanced technologies, computers,mobiles , laptops tablets etc we all have reduced the time to sleep! which is affecting us badly but we are not aware of it and will cause great harm to us afterwards BUT WE DO NOT CARE! we have to car. Sleep is important! 
Very important indeed!!
when you lay down on your bed try your level best to let go of all the stuff that's bothering you focus on your sleep make a plan in your head what you you have to do the next day ,make a 'to do list' in your head...Just think about good things and good and exciting stuff don't think about stuff that makes you unhappy it won't let you sleep! Focus on your sleep! 
In my opinion it is the best time of the day when you lay down on your bed! Just talk a good book along  with you read some of it before sleeping! 
Enjoy your sleep time! Don't ruin it my thinking about stupid stuff :)

Good bye!