Monday, 12 January 2015

Bravery and fearlessness of Apsacians!! THEY SHALL RISE AND SHINE!!

Hope everyone is perfect out there!

Had the news of the reopening of APS Peshawar yesterday..Got a shudder. That how brave those students are who have actually seen the whole INCIDENT in front of there eyes! They have seen there friends losing their lives they have seen there teachers being ...... burnt in front of them! We can't even feel 1 % of they must have felt! So we are the ones who have only seen A LITTLE BIT on news and the internet and we are in deep sadness and trauma I can;t even think what they must feel now who have ACTUALLY SEEN IT... !! Mind blown!!

Well the point is I want to salute all the students who attended school today just after 27 days of that brutal attack ! It shows that how brave our nation is .. THEY SHALL RISE AND SHINE!!! 

I was completely overwhelmed when I saw different pictures of those student in APS today! I am proud of YOU BOYS!! YOU are incredible! 
The bravery that they showed today is insane! Incredible! May Allah protect All of you and everyone!

Attend your schools show them that we are Muslims we are not at all scared!!

We can't Forget that incident .. we can't .. but we cannot stop our lives and get scared and stuck.. That loss is a huge one we can't mourn for our lives .. WE CANNOT FORGET THEM!! Especially the students of APS who will attend their school without.... their friends who are our lifelines.. Just think about it... It is very very difficult to just even imagine about it!! We can't feel that.

The thing that made me quiet anxious was thinking of the attendence time like it...... I can't say but it is hard very hard..

It is indeed unforgettable!!

Just we can pray for the martyred and just pray for their families!

Don't get scared of death .. It is written. And when it is supposed to come it will surely come even when you are at home! You can't escape it..
Hats off to APSACIANS! You are very brave and true Muslims !
Remember them in prayers!
Pray for Pakistan!!
Allahafiz !