Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thinking what other people think about you!!

Hello everyone! Wherever you are I hope it's a good time:)

Thinking about what PEOPLE think about you!!  Yes most of us do it a lot which is not good at all but fact is we stress ourselves that " what are they gonna say, what are they gonna think" we over think ABOUT a thing which EVEN IS NOT A THING!!! Yes it is not a thing because it is our life not others then why worry what people think of us they cant judge you, they can't judge me.... DON'T WORRY ABOUT IR PLEASE!!
  Sad thing for anyone is to dumb themselves for the sake of others!!
Why worry about people and start doing stuff that you don't like ! Why? Ask yourself , is this a thing that is beneficial for yourself OWN self....!
You should not care! Don't feel sad !!
Be yourself do what you want to do , wear what you like not what other people like, TRUST YOUR OPINIONS ! Respect yourself and go for it!! You can do anything just don'y stress yourself by thinking about people over and over again !! 

Be happy and Stay blessed!!

Bye :)