Thursday, 1 January 2015

What 2014 gave us?

A year is a blend of A lot of things! Happiness, fights, sorrows , cries are all part of a year. We achieve some things and of course lose somethings as well. It gives us smiles and it gives a bit of tears as well.It gives as success as well as defeats. It gives us pain and also relief!! 
The year 2014 was the same for us as there was everything in it like every year!

Now as it is the start of another year we should make some promises to our own selves. Just take some time and analyse what you have done , what were the things that went wrong last year try you level best to overcome your weaknesses. And do better this year !

This past year 2014 have gave us a major loss of innocents which is unforgettable! 
This year also has given us chances to smile!
Don't forget the Shudas of APS school Peshawar. Remember them in your prayers!
So well now move on to 2015 make sure the regrets that 2014 has given has won't be repeated at the end of 2015 In sha Allah:)
Hope for the best:)
Make 2015 the best year ever in your life:)
Stay happy make people around you happy:)
Stay blessed:)