Saturday, 31 January 2015

" You only live once! So enjoy life"! ENJOY does not mean....

Hope everyone is doing good! :)
I have heard this sentence quiet a lot that enjoy life you only live once but we don't know what enjoy means..... everyone takes it differently! But SOME people CROSS THEIR LIMITS on behalf of this word "enjoy" !! They really think that we only live once so do whatever you can do! Now the point of this blog post is that of course we live once and we should enjoy our lives but remain in the limits !! And don't start doing the things that are restricted by Allah . 
  We can enjoy life for sure by staying in the boundary that is made and it is not hard but we take if differently and we just think enjoy in this sentence means to do anything that you want to do ! but it is not like that  we have to think about it that how can we enjoy life by following the rules that are stated by Allah Pak!
  That is easy but for now on if anyone says this sentence to you ask them what is their meaning of "enjoy"??