Saturday, 28 February 2015

Inner peace!

Hello! I hope everyone is perfect!!
Inner peace a very important thing in order to function properly in my opinion because if your satisfied internally then obviously you will feel more optimistic and passionate about stuff We can achieve inner peace by:
  • Forgiving others! Indeed because we are angry and are thinking about it over and over again we are only stressing ourselves out it is not benefiting others so I believe forgiving others is a good source of achieving inner peace!
  • Not to think too much about what other people are gonna think!
  • Not being frustrated about stuff that has happened because it is gone now and you can't fix it now so concentrate on your present!
  • Staying positive!!
  • Being yourself! 
  • Taking others people feelings into consideration.
  • Ignoring stupid stuff!
  • Not responding rude compliments!!
  • Controlling your emotions!
Inner peace starts from within! Practice some of the above tips hopefully they will help!
Dalai Lama says it all ! :)

Inner peace is important for us to become a good and gentle human being.

Do them and be happy and peaceful!

Except those thoughts  which won't ruin your inner peace.
Inner peace is beauty!!
Life is to short for worrying and stressing out !
Spend a peaceful life!
Enjoy it it is going very fast!!
Be happy!
Stay blessed !!
Bye :)

Monday, 16 February 2015

2 months!! :'(


So today is 16 Feb which means it has been 2 months since the tragedy of APS school! Well it is right time passes by but I believe their are some wounds that are very difficult to heal! Same is the case with Peshawar massacre it has been 2 months but the pain is same , the sorrow is the same . I can't forget that because I have this strange feeling that as if I knew all of them and just can't really describe it but it is a strange sadness !!
As I said before we can only pray for them! Pray as much as you can and PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEIR SACRIFICE!! But their is one thing we all know and that is they are in a much much much better place !! I think they were too good so Allah Pak took them away to protect them for the bad stuff ! They were all shining stars ! Shaheeds never dies and they are in a happy place ! They are safe and good and protected in such a beautiful place!
Yesterday I heard about this teacher of 10 B a lot of here students embraced martyrdom and she marks them PRESENT in attendance everyday and say they are not dead they are Shaheeds and they never die!!
So they are in a better place , pray for their families. ALLAH says that the parents who lose their children either before birth or in young age , if those parents will remain patient they will be given place in JANNAT on the request of their son or daughter!!! So it shows that all of us should remain patient and believe in ALLAH !
Yeah don't let their memories die!! Because they are alive!!
May Allah bless you all !
Stay blessed !

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Some tags makes us vulnerable!

I hope everyone is perfect out there!:)
So life! uhmm I believe we have so much pressure by the people throughout our lives! People gives us some " labels" , tags that what we are ! and what we do is stick to them which in opinion is very wrong!! Why it is wrong ? It is because it is our life but if people tells you that you are ugly , you are weak, please don't stick to it because it will gradually make you very weak and nobody wants that ! I think everyone is best in his own way and also think before commenting on other people lives!!
  "Living up to someone else"s expectations is not living for yourself"!! 
It is your life don't let yourself feel the way other people say you are ! Don't ever put yourself down you are best !! I believe the people who feel best in their own skin are pretty awesome because they know their own worth!
 Just be yourself! You are awesome!  Everyone has a hidden talent go and look for it and tell the world you are best in your own way! Don't let this world put you down ! Never lose hope! You are best!     
Just like when you buy a dress the first thing afterwards is removing the tag! Do the exact same thing now with the tags that you are wearing that people have given you! throw them away! Don't hand your life to someone it is yours.
Just be you! Don't depress yourself by over thinking what people say you are!
Be happy!
Stay blessed!
Fine your hidden talent!
Keep smiling !:)
You really are!

Trust yourself and your opinions!!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Self control! An important factor!

In life we come across a lot of things which our heart agrees to do but deep down a feeling remains , which never allows us to do but sadly we never listens to it and we always do what our heart says.. In this way we lose self control!
   Self control in my opinion is the most important thing to succeed in the world and the world after this!

Exactly ! start practicing it in small situations!

    There are a lot of things that we should not do Because they are forbidden in our religion despite this fact we do them because we don't have a good SELF CONTROL!! Which we should have at any cost because we should not at all do the things that are forbidden in our religion we should step away from them !
    .Some of my ways to gain self control..

  • We should always remember the day of judgement that what is going to happen us...Whenever your heart tries to convince you to do a forbidden thing you should take a deep breath and ask yourself " Is it acceptable in Islam? Is it? it surely helps me to stop because the answer is always no!
  • Keep on praying that please Allah Pak give me courage to control myself! Make this prayer your routine. Surely Allah Pak will help you!
  • Keep reminding yourself what is wrong and what is right! What should be done and what should not be done!
  • Another thing , if we will do the stuff that is forbidden in our religion we will surely have to face that huge fire which is 700 times more then the fire that we use for cooking and in our heaters etc.. So just put your finger for 2 seconds on a candle or on the stove fire ... Trust me you won't be to keep your finger there for even a second .... Then ask yourself how are you going to bare the fire on the day of judgement!! Think about it!!
  • Believe yourself , trust yourself in this way it will be a lot more easy for you to control your self!
  • Be sure to forgive people!
SO yeah! these are some of my tips on how to control yourself on the times when it is very hard! And I find them very helpful..
Don't lose it !

Self control is a very difficult thing I believe but it is not impossible we ca do it!!:)

It is indeed! 

Be happy!
Practice Self control!
Love yourself! 
Bye!! :)

Friday, 6 February 2015

Everyday has something good in it!

Just wanted to talk through this thing which we all suffer from and that's a "bad day" There is no such thing as a bad day, every day has something good in it the only thing is to find that "good" thing!
You should....
  • Be positive! This is the first thing that needs to be done because if you think negatively you can't find that good thing in your day! So be positive :)
  • Stay happy! And think that everything happens for a reason so don't stress yourself out , just don't worry about stupid stuff!
  • Don't judge things quickly just think about them !
Just find that little good in every single day and make your so called bad day a good day!! :) 
You can do it!


Monday, 2 February 2015

Don't Let their memories die!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is perfect!

Today I just wanted to talk about the Peshawar massacre  again because I feel that as the days are passing by we are slowing forgetting them , I mean we all have busy lives but why not we can take some time from our busy days to remember those innocent souls , like only half an hour to just pray for them or just remember them .. But we are not doing it and I don't think it is justice , I know many people will think that I am wrong or something like that but it is only my opinion and my thought !! So yeah I think we should not forget them as it will be injustice and i think they won't like it as on 16th Dec we were the ones saying that " We won't forget you" , " You are alive " and different sentences and I think we have not forgotten them because I can't do this and I feel it is very difficult to just completely forget them as if there was nothing that happened!
So the point is please let their memories live! Take some time for them and remember what ever has happened! There is another thing that I have got from remembering this whole incident is that it has taken some of the fear of death! I know that sounds weird but I have got it . Now I am a lot more braver I think because I feel that the way they have embraced death is honestly the most brutal way and knowing the way they have died honestly is making me braver  .. They were younger then me they died in a  a very very strange way,they would not have thought of it ever but it happened to them ! It has made me a bit prepared in a manner of speaking so I am not that scared of death now!!So I just wanted to say that PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEM !! REMEMBER 16TH DECEMBER !! DON'T LET THEIR MEMORIES DIE!!!! And just please don't ever forget this thing I know so many of you out there can't forget it as I cab't forget it by myself!!
Good bye!