Monday, 16 February 2015

2 months!! :'(


So today is 16 Feb which means it has been 2 months since the tragedy of APS school! Well it is right time passes by but I believe their are some wounds that are very difficult to heal! Same is the case with Peshawar massacre it has been 2 months but the pain is same , the sorrow is the same . I can't forget that because I have this strange feeling that as if I knew all of them and just can't really describe it but it is a strange sadness !!
As I said before we can only pray for them! Pray as much as you can and PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEIR SACRIFICE!! But their is one thing we all know and that is they are in a much much much better place !! I think they were too good so Allah Pak took them away to protect them for the bad stuff ! They were all shining stars ! Shaheeds never dies and they are in a happy place ! They are safe and good and protected in such a beautiful place!
Yesterday I heard about this teacher of 10 B a lot of here students embraced martyrdom and she marks them PRESENT in attendance everyday and say they are not dead they are Shaheeds and they never die!!
So they are in a better place , pray for their families. ALLAH says that the parents who lose their children either before birth or in young age , if those parents will remain patient they will be given place in JANNAT on the request of their son or daughter!!! So it shows that all of us should remain patient and believe in ALLAH !
Yeah don't let their memories die!! Because they are alive!!
May Allah bless you all !
Stay blessed !