Monday, 2 February 2015

Don't Let their memories die!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is perfect!

Today I just wanted to talk about the Peshawar massacre  again because I feel that as the days are passing by we are slowing forgetting them , I mean we all have busy lives but why not we can take some time from our busy days to remember those innocent souls , like only half an hour to just pray for them or just remember them .. But we are not doing it and I don't think it is justice , I know many people will think that I am wrong or something like that but it is only my opinion and my thought !! So yeah I think we should not forget them as it will be injustice and i think they won't like it as on 16th Dec we were the ones saying that " We won't forget you" , " You are alive " and different sentences and I think we have not forgotten them because I can't do this and I feel it is very difficult to just completely forget them as if there was nothing that happened!
So the point is please let their memories live! Take some time for them and remember what ever has happened! There is another thing that I have got from remembering this whole incident is that it has taken some of the fear of death! I know that sounds weird but I have got it . Now I am a lot more braver I think because I feel that the way they have embraced death is honestly the most brutal way and knowing the way they have died honestly is making me braver  .. They were younger then me they died in a  a very very strange way,they would not have thought of it ever but it happened to them ! It has made me a bit prepared in a manner of speaking so I am not that scared of death now!!So I just wanted to say that PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEM !! REMEMBER 16TH DECEMBER !! DON'T LET THEIR MEMORIES DIE!!!! And just please don't ever forget this thing I know so many of you out there can't forget it as I cab't forget it by myself!!
Good bye!