Saturday, 28 February 2015

Inner peace!

Hello! I hope everyone is perfect!!
Inner peace a very important thing in order to function properly in my opinion because if your satisfied internally then obviously you will feel more optimistic and passionate about stuff We can achieve inner peace by:
  • Forgiving others! Indeed because we are angry and are thinking about it over and over again we are only stressing ourselves out it is not benefiting others so I believe forgiving others is a good source of achieving inner peace!
  • Not to think too much about what other people are gonna think!
  • Not being frustrated about stuff that has happened because it is gone now and you can't fix it now so concentrate on your present!
  • Staying positive!!
  • Being yourself! 
  • Taking others people feelings into consideration.
  • Ignoring stupid stuff!
  • Not responding rude compliments!!
  • Controlling your emotions!
Inner peace starts from within! Practice some of the above tips hopefully they will help!
Dalai Lama says it all ! :)

Inner peace is important for us to become a good and gentle human being.

Do them and be happy and peaceful!

Except those thoughts  which won't ruin your inner peace.
Inner peace is beauty!!
Life is to short for worrying and stressing out !
Spend a peaceful life!
Enjoy it it is going very fast!!
Be happy!
Stay blessed !!
Bye :)