Saturday, 7 February 2015

Self control! An important factor!

In life we come across a lot of things which our heart agrees to do but deep down a feeling remains , which never allows us to do but sadly we never listens to it and we always do what our heart says.. In this way we lose self control!
   Self control in my opinion is the most important thing to succeed in the world and the world after this!

Exactly ! start practicing it in small situations!

    There are a lot of things that we should not do Because they are forbidden in our religion despite this fact we do them because we don't have a good SELF CONTROL!! Which we should have at any cost because we should not at all do the things that are forbidden in our religion we should step away from them !
    .Some of my ways to gain self control..

  • We should always remember the day of judgement that what is going to happen us...Whenever your heart tries to convince you to do a forbidden thing you should take a deep breath and ask yourself " Is it acceptable in Islam? Is it? it surely helps me to stop because the answer is always no!
  • Keep on praying that please Allah Pak give me courage to control myself! Make this prayer your routine. Surely Allah Pak will help you!
  • Keep reminding yourself what is wrong and what is right! What should be done and what should not be done!
  • Another thing , if we will do the stuff that is forbidden in our religion we will surely have to face that huge fire which is 700 times more then the fire that we use for cooking and in our heaters etc.. So just put your finger for 2 seconds on a candle or on the stove fire ... Trust me you won't be to keep your finger there for even a second .... Then ask yourself how are you going to bare the fire on the day of judgement!! Think about it!!
  • Believe yourself , trust yourself in this way it will be a lot more easy for you to control your self!
  • Be sure to forgive people!
SO yeah! these are some of my tips on how to control yourself on the times when it is very hard! And I find them very helpful..
Don't lose it !

Self control is a very difficult thing I believe but it is not impossible we ca do it!!:)

It is indeed! 

Be happy!
Practice Self control!
Love yourself! 
Bye!! :)