Thursday, 12 February 2015

Some tags makes us vulnerable!

I hope everyone is perfect out there!:)
So life! uhmm I believe we have so much pressure by the people throughout our lives! People gives us some " labels" , tags that what we are ! and what we do is stick to them which in opinion is very wrong!! Why it is wrong ? It is because it is our life but if people tells you that you are ugly , you are weak, please don't stick to it because it will gradually make you very weak and nobody wants that ! I think everyone is best in his own way and also think before commenting on other people lives!!
  "Living up to someone else"s expectations is not living for yourself"!! 
It is your life don't let yourself feel the way other people say you are ! Don't ever put yourself down you are best !! I believe the people who feel best in their own skin are pretty awesome because they know their own worth!
 Just be yourself! You are awesome!  Everyone has a hidden talent go and look for it and tell the world you are best in your own way! Don't let this world put you down ! Never lose hope! You are best!     
Just like when you buy a dress the first thing afterwards is removing the tag! Do the exact same thing now with the tags that you are wearing that people have given you! throw them away! Don't hand your life to someone it is yours.
Just be you! Don't depress yourself by over thinking what people say you are!
Be happy!
Stay blessed!
Fine your hidden talent!
Keep smiling !:)
You really are!

Trust yourself and your opinions!!