Thursday, 16 April 2015

Another 16th!!

Another 16 is here...
It has been 4 months since Peshawar massacre. Just wanted to do this post because I feel like as the time is passing by nobody is really talking about the tragedy anymore and nobody seems that much upset about it now! I feel we are forgetting it and I am a bit disappointed I maybe wrong but these are my personal feelings and I can be very wrong!
I have not seen any commercial or any news on TV regarding that whole tragedy which is the thing that really pinches me now. I feel like they must be remembered in our prayers and I think there should be programs in order to give them tribute!!

I think in morning shows there must be segment specifically for them in which everyone should pray for them and just remember them
It is still quiet nerve wrecking for me!
Still to this day when I see different pictures on the internet they make me sad and I JUST feel really sad about it..

I just personally don't want them to be forgotten that is all I want , I want everyone to do little things in order to regard them , in order to give there parents relief and make them feel better! 
Just remember them in your prayers that is the easiest thing we can do!
But please don't FORGET them!
Stay safe and blessed!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Everything happens for a reason!!


I live by the quote "Everything happens for a reason".
I just believe in it and I have experienced it that anything that happens, is for a reason. Nothing is meaning less!

The point is we consider somethings useless but in reality they are happening for a cause. We should learn from them. We should not take them for granted!!
Their is some hidden lesson or message in those things which is for our betterment but what we do is opposite , we ignore these sort of things and move on which I believe is wrong . We should learn at least some thing from them because they are for us.
We should keep in mind that in life there are ups and downs, everything is not going to be in our favor. And also we should never think that we have bad luck always if anything bad happens to us , we should try to find good in every single thing happening to us in this life time!

Don't ever blame yourself for anything wrong that happens to you because it is very bad and stupid sort of act! Just think that " Everything happens for a reason" and try your level best to to find the "reason"!! ,it will make you feel better if you are not feeling well because you are thinking negatively .
Make this quote a part of your life.!!
Stay blessed!
Be happy!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Everything requires sacrifice!

I just thought about doing some stuff but then there was one thing that I realized and it was that you can never ever achieve something without sacrificing the other thing and it is so true!! 
Then I wondered more about it and thought that..
  • I can study properly if I will sacrifice my enjoyment time!
  • I can pray properly if I sacrifice the time that I am gonna waste on TV or laptop!!" 
  • I can go to college if i will sacrifice the beautiful sleep in the morning!
  • I can sleep well and early if I will sacrifice my leisure time that I spend on laptop!
....and much much more
So the conclusion was that " In order to achieve something you have to sacrifice the other thing"

That's it and then weirdly I just came across this HADITH in my book which said the exact same thing and it was that you won't get blessed until so will sacrifice the most important thing!!
So it made me happy that the thing which I was thing about is actually related to a Hadith!!
It made my thinking a lot more clear for me. 
It is difficult but I think it is worth it and we should do it because the things in return will be awesome. :)

Bye bye!
Stay blessed !
Be happy and stay simple!!:)

Friday, 3 April 2015

A lovely morning walk!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their life right now! :)
Today I just had a very lovely walk in the morning. I am not a morning person I love morning time but I am the worst at getting up early so that is the thing which does not let me have a good morning walk!
I love morning walks so much. It is really refreshing as well it really effects your mind in a good way! Just changes your mood and makes your day a lot more better... I was tempted to have a morning walk but I failed every single day because I love sleeping so much so when I usually get up it is not morning any more!!
Today I got up very early and looked at the weather it was honestly amazing , black deep clouds and wind and just incredible on the whole. So I went upstairs and just had a walk and loved it because it instantly changed my mood because I was feeling a bit down earlier and I felt great afterwards!!

Everyone should make a habit of morning walk it really helps in refreshing your mind and prepares you for a good day!
And it is very beneficial to breath in the fresh air.. It is very good for us.
Morning is the most beautiful time of a day and this is the time when you are preparing yourself for a busy day so make the morning the best time and I think MORNING WALK is the best way to make your morning good!!
I loved it today. It is one of the thing that I really want to put in my routine for a very long time but I do it because of my sleeping routine and college. But I will try my level best that I should do it more often as I really enjoyed it today!!

I am really impressed with the people who do it every single day! I salute them and I just wish I will be like them one day!:) 

Morning makes you feel better! 
This is the time when nature is very pleasing I think. And we can truly appreciate it and Thank Allah for His endless blessings and just admire the beautiful environment .

These pictures show that I really enjoyed my walk that I ran down downstairs , took my camera and taken random photos of random things!!:)

I also made myself a cup of tea as it was morning time so it was good to drink it in such a beautiful weather. It was a bit chilly as well so tea was a good thing to drink!!

So I had a a good morning and I just thought about good things and just made myself and my mind relax for a while! It was great. From now on I will look forward to this sort of mornings!:)

I hope everyone had a great day!!
Stay blessed!
Be happy!
and stay simple!!:)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Simplicity! The best thing ever..

I hope everyone is perfectly alright out there!:)

For me simplicity is a thing of great value.I believe in having simplicity in every aspect for our lives. In order to make our lives HAPPY , PEACEFUL AND CALM , simplicity is the key!!
It is something that comes from within and it is a thing that is loved by a lot of people and thus helps them in making their lives easy!

Happiness is directly proportional to Simplicity!!
The more simple you are the more happy you will be!

We are the ones who have made our lives very very complicated and difficult because we choose COMPLEXITY instead of SIMPLICITY!
How can we make our lives simple..
Some accessible ways...

  • Don't compare yourself with anyone!
  • Feel good in your own skin.
  • Praise yourself if there is no one to do so. 
  • Be happy and don't think you are useless.
  • Keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are.
  • Make everything easy, find easy ways do things rather then going for complex methods.
  • Eat simple.
  • Wear simple, you will definitively look pretty! :)
  • Feel contented with the little that you have!
Being simple will definitely make you happy instantly because you will make your life easy and plain and BEAUTIFUL..
In my opinion life that is led with simplicity is best life ever..
I adore simplicity! d

Many people don't like it but I think they should like it because they will definitely make a great difference in there lives!

Key to happiness:)
Take care!
Be positive!
And from now on be simple:)