Friday, 3 April 2015

A lovely morning walk!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their life right now! :)
Today I just had a very lovely walk in the morning. I am not a morning person I love morning time but I am the worst at getting up early so that is the thing which does not let me have a good morning walk!
I love morning walks so much. It is really refreshing as well it really effects your mind in a good way! Just changes your mood and makes your day a lot more better... I was tempted to have a morning walk but I failed every single day because I love sleeping so much so when I usually get up it is not morning any more!!
Today I got up very early and looked at the weather it was honestly amazing , black deep clouds and wind and just incredible on the whole. So I went upstairs and just had a walk and loved it because it instantly changed my mood because I was feeling a bit down earlier and I felt great afterwards!!

Everyone should make a habit of morning walk it really helps in refreshing your mind and prepares you for a good day!
And it is very beneficial to breath in the fresh air.. It is very good for us.
Morning is the most beautiful time of a day and this is the time when you are preparing yourself for a busy day so make the morning the best time and I think MORNING WALK is the best way to make your morning good!!
I loved it today. It is one of the thing that I really want to put in my routine for a very long time but I do it because of my sleeping routine and college. But I will try my level best that I should do it more often as I really enjoyed it today!!

I am really impressed with the people who do it every single day! I salute them and I just wish I will be like them one day!:) 

Morning makes you feel better! 
This is the time when nature is very pleasing I think. And we can truly appreciate it and Thank Allah for His endless blessings and just admire the beautiful environment .

These pictures show that I really enjoyed my walk that I ran down downstairs , took my camera and taken random photos of random things!!:)

I also made myself a cup of tea as it was morning time so it was good to drink it in such a beautiful weather. It was a bit chilly as well so tea was a good thing to drink!!

So I had a a good morning and I just thought about good things and just made myself and my mind relax for a while! It was great. From now on I will look forward to this sort of mornings!:)

I hope everyone had a great day!!
Stay blessed!
Be happy!
and stay simple!!:)