Thursday, 16 April 2015

Another 16th!!

Another 16 is here...
It has been 4 months since Peshawar massacre. Just wanted to do this post because I feel like as the time is passing by nobody is really talking about the tragedy anymore and nobody seems that much upset about it now! I feel we are forgetting it and I am a bit disappointed I maybe wrong but these are my personal feelings and I can be very wrong!
I have not seen any commercial or any news on TV regarding that whole tragedy which is the thing that really pinches me now. I feel like they must be remembered in our prayers and I think there should be programs in order to give them tribute!!

I think in morning shows there must be segment specifically for them in which everyone should pray for them and just remember them
It is still quiet nerve wrecking for me!
Still to this day when I see different pictures on the internet they make me sad and I JUST feel really sad about it..

I just personally don't want them to be forgotten that is all I want , I want everyone to do little things in order to regard them , in order to give there parents relief and make them feel better! 
Just remember them in your prayers that is the easiest thing we can do!
But please don't FORGET them!
Stay safe and blessed!!