Monday, 13 April 2015

Everything happens for a reason!!


I live by the quote "Everything happens for a reason".
I just believe in it and I have experienced it that anything that happens, is for a reason. Nothing is meaning less!

The point is we consider somethings useless but in reality they are happening for a cause. We should learn from them. We should not take them for granted!!
Their is some hidden lesson or message in those things which is for our betterment but what we do is opposite , we ignore these sort of things and move on which I believe is wrong . We should learn at least some thing from them because they are for us.
We should keep in mind that in life there are ups and downs, everything is not going to be in our favor. And also we should never think that we have bad luck always if anything bad happens to us , we should try to find good in every single thing happening to us in this life time!

Don't ever blame yourself for anything wrong that happens to you because it is very bad and stupid sort of act! Just think that " Everything happens for a reason" and try your level best to to find the "reason"!! ,it will make you feel better if you are not feeling well because you are thinking negatively .
Make this quote a part of your life.!!
Stay blessed!
Be happy!