Monday, 6 April 2015

Everything requires sacrifice!

I just thought about doing some stuff but then there was one thing that I realized and it was that you can never ever achieve something without sacrificing the other thing and it is so true!! 
Then I wondered more about it and thought that..
  • I can study properly if I will sacrifice my enjoyment time!
  • I can pray properly if I sacrifice the time that I am gonna waste on TV or laptop!!" 
  • I can go to college if i will sacrifice the beautiful sleep in the morning!
  • I can sleep well and early if I will sacrifice my leisure time that I spend on laptop!
....and much much more
So the conclusion was that " In order to achieve something you have to sacrifice the other thing"

That's it and then weirdly I just came across this HADITH in my book which said the exact same thing and it was that you won't get blessed until so will sacrifice the most important thing!!
So it made me happy that the thing which I was thing about is actually related to a Hadith!!
It made my thinking a lot more clear for me. 
It is difficult but I think it is worth it and we should do it because the things in return will be awesome. :)

Bye bye!
Stay blessed !
Be happy and stay simple!!:)