Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Simplicity! The best thing ever..

I hope everyone is perfectly alright out there!:)

For me simplicity is a thing of great value.I believe in having simplicity in every aspect for our lives. In order to make our lives HAPPY , PEACEFUL AND CALM , simplicity is the key!!
It is something that comes from within and it is a thing that is loved by a lot of people and thus helps them in making their lives easy!

Happiness is directly proportional to Simplicity!!
The more simple you are the more happy you will be!

We are the ones who have made our lives very very complicated and difficult because we choose COMPLEXITY instead of SIMPLICITY!
How can we make our lives simple..
Some accessible ways...

  • Don't compare yourself with anyone!
  • Feel good in your own skin.
  • Praise yourself if there is no one to do so. 
  • Be happy and don't think you are useless.
  • Keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are.
  • Make everything easy, find easy ways do things rather then going for complex methods.
  • Eat simple.
  • Wear simple, you will definitively look pretty! :)
  • Feel contented with the little that you have!
Being simple will definitely make you happy instantly because you will make your life easy and plain and BEAUTIFUL..
In my opinion life that is led with simplicity is best life ever..
I adore simplicity! d

Many people don't like it but I think they should like it because they will definitely make a great difference in there lives!

Key to happiness:)
Take care!
Be positive!
And from now on be simple:)