Monday, 14 September 2015

Childhood of a 90's kid!

I hope everyone is doing well!
Today I really want to talk about the best part of anyone's life i-e childhood but I am going to talk about the childhood of a 90's kid! Well i was kind of like born in the middle of the 90's but still there is a lot that has changed from back then and to be honest I miss that time!
Honestly I think all of the 90's kid were so lucky because they had the best childhood!!
(In my opinion):) VERY SIMPLE ONE!

There are some of the things that I want to talk about and I am sure you will be able to relate yourself with it if you are a 90's kid!

  • VCR's.
We also watched movies but not by downloading them from the internet instead we watched them by having the TAPES! 

Getting the reel inside was the hardest job:)

I think they were so cool!
For me I think they were way better then the ways of watching movies these days! I know now it is very easy but watching movies from them was so simple and satisfying to me:)
Now a days you can just go on the internet and you can find a movie within some seconds. That is good but I would prefer those tapes!!
I think this would probably my favorite thing because now we have got Facebook , Whatsapp , Viber , Instagram and much much more!
We have so many friends on these sites but very less in REAL LIFE!
Back then things were done for pleasure , pictures were taken so that you can have your memories saved but now pictures are taken for Facebook and Instagram etc, this is so true!!!

People basically had a LIFE but now I don;t think people have got one because social media life is getting way more important then actual life.

Another cool thing that we enjoyed!! we were should to play outside with friends but now children haven;t got time to do so because they have got PHONES , TABLETS , I PADS , LAPTOPS etc . some of the 90's kid's had PC's (personal computers) which probably didn;t had internet or Wifi so we only had some games:


Loved them growing up! Absolute jam of 90's kid!
Kid's of this century would probably never know about these , which is sad!
Here in Pakistan we had a lot of games that we were used to play rather then being on tablets all the time the, some of them are:
Difficult one!

Great one!

loved by a lot!

Jam of everyone!
(Still to this day :p)
And loads more!!
I still prefer the childhood of 90's although things are more modern and advanced and very easily approachable but still the trends and traditions were way more nicer then now!
  • We had time for family!
  • We knew the value of meeting after a long time as now we text each other daily so we don't feel that  joy of meeting after a while!
  • We had manners!!
  • We had REAL friends not  just Facebook friends!
  • We had our pictures developed and now we can see the albums and the joy of seeing an album can never be replace!
  • More and much more!
If you are a 90's kid make sure to leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about childhood!!
I hope you enjoyed it!
P.s I didn't meant to offend any of today's generation! You are way cooler then us but this are the things you surely missed!:)
Stay happy and blessed!
I will talk to you soon!
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