Thursday, 3 September 2015

Great trip to New York and France!!??

Hello Everyone!
This post is  about my trip to a town here in Rawalpindi!
So we went there by we I mean me and my family, to visit my mother's best friend. She is incredible I love here she is so nice! so we went to visit her because she lives there.
It was such a lovely day, the weather was awesome. I am a huge lover of dark, windy , rainy weather and it was exactly the same so plus point.

It is basically a residential area with some shops as well but I was amazed how beautiful it was and it felt like another city honestly.It is massive and beautiful and the houses and flats are incredible and so cool!

We went to her flat first obviously :) then afterwards we went for a little walk and I saw something which look like Eiffel tower!! and then we went there , it was not far away but we went by car. It was beautiful i loved it , it felt so real although it is small in size but literally incredible! 

Sneak peek! :)

This is it!!

I loved it and so pretty , felt like we are in France! :) 
And it has lights on it which looks super cool in night!!
Then we came to know that we can actually go on it!! Really? yes
So what we did we went on it! And it was scary , it has got stairs but not really comfortable ones but it was worth it! The view was great :)

Still some construction is going which can be seen from the top of our own Eiffel tower! :)

Just look at the clouds isn't it incredible?
I think it is. The weather made it more and more pretty!

Here we are on the top of it! 
We even went to the upper story!:)

The view was very relaxing and calming and I felt so good afterwards and the wind was so refreshing , greenery, water just perfect!
 Then from the top of it we saw something which looked the Statue of Liberty!!
So after enjoying awesome view from Eiffel tower we went to see the Statue of Liberty!!
We drove there! And it was incredible , it honestly looked like the REAL one!

Here yo can see by yourself!
Awesome isn't it?

It felt great to see such a cool replica! It looks exactly the same. 
So basically we were in France and New York in one day! :)
Haha and I think there are more monuments as well which is great and I fell in love with Bahria town it feels like another city on it's on!!
The people who live there enjoy these things on the daily basis which is so cool. 
Loved this little trip to such a beautiful place.

And I hope you enjoyed going along with me! 
And give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!:)
I will see you very soon!