Friday, 11 September 2015

What is the point of worrying?

Hello Everyone!
Life is becoming hectic and hectic day by day, anxiety, stress and worry is everything that is on our heads. I am a worrier myself and I know a lot people worry about stuff like me!
But sometimes after the trouble is gone I think why was I worrying? Did it changed the result ?And that is a completely obvious thing WORRYING IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME!! If there is nothing we can do to solve the trouble then WHAT IS THE POINT OF WORRYING?

Result is going to be same whether you worry or not. When we worry what we are actually doing is ruining the time which we should enjoy! Worrying is never going to benefit you!

Instead of worrying what all of us you do is to think positive and have faith. 
I have learned it throughout my life that worrying has never done anything good in return rather then making me more and more and more stressful!


  • You will get anxious and won;t be able to do anything except WORRYING!
  • You will get angry and that is not cool and people will think what is wrong with you ? 
  • EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT and if it doesn't then get it right that it is not the end of the world!!
Pray and Pray as much as you can because it is one thing that we all know is going to give us benefit!

So worry less and stay cool and calm!
Pray and have faith!
Stay blessed!