Monday, 19 December 2016

There's always a rainbow after the rain!

Hello! How you doin'?
I hope you are doing well!
You, I, we hence everyone has been to that point where we have felt the life is gonna end and nothing.. legit nothing is gonna work. It is honestly the most awful feeling but it happens to everyone so we cant really do anything about that. We have huge issues and tiny issues on the other hand which are still pretty huge to us so we think that we are the most unlucky being to walk this planet ever... but tbh we aren't the only one and things work out eventually. It's not just a saying but it's true and very true! No matter how hard the storm is, how brutal the rain is there is always a very beautiful sunshine and rainbow afterwords. It never happened that after rain the sun doesn't shine. Its the similar case in our life, reflect upon your life how many problems are survived by you. Think how many times you thought that 'Nah its not going to work' but eventually it did worked then why you still feel the same when it 'rains'? Why don't you tell yourself that there will be sunshine if not now, maybe tomorrow! This is the sort of thing which I am not good at as well so I need to remind myself that its gonna be alright like always...

There are times when we lose faith and hope and just become helpless, in that moment we sit still and wait for someone to drag us up but in realty the only person who can pick you up is you. Its just your will to convince yourself to dance in the rain and enjoy the rainbow that is guaranteed! These are not merely the things for the sake of writing its based on experience. So the point is that nobody leads a perfect, perfect life. Everybody has some flaws in their lives but the difference between the two is just a very simple yet appreciable and that my friends is who is gonna enjoy the rain and who is gonna hide somewhere because of the fear of that rain! And if we take example of 'real' rain we always think of the people as happy and content about life who enjoy the rain and cherish it till it lasts by any means. So when it comes to the 'rain' in realty definitely the people who fight valiantly are gonna be appreciated way more then the ones who accepted the defeat.
So if I shortlist someone of the ways I think are good to keep your chin up during the 'rain', they might me as follows: 

  • Be as much positive as you possibly can.
  • Have faith.
  • Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.
  • Its gonna be okay!
  • 'I have survived way more harder things then this one'. I read it somewhere that just by telling yourself this sort of stuff physiologically helps you to work better and be positive!
  • Pray!!
  • Stay steady, don't back off.

Yeah so these are fair few which help me a lot and I think they can help other people too.
So that's that I will see you with anther post soon untill then take care!
Stay Blessed!
Stay Happy!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

When we are haunted by the memories!

I hope everyone is perfect out there!
Memories! Well we all at some point in our life times are 'haunted' by the memories! They in literal meanings haunt us, where ever we go, whatever we see! Its just a thing that happens to all of us. 
We have several memories some are good, some are bad, some make us feel down where as other make us feel so chuffed cause they are those happy and best sort of memories! I think this quote is such an appropriate one "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart "  So yeah that's what memories basically do to us!
When you leave a place where you have been for loads of years you definitely gather tons and tons of memories which are for sure gonna haunt you for years afterwards for example moving from school to college or from college to university..or the sort of memories you shared with a pal of yours and now you don't talk to 'em anymore so things are going to remind you of those time when your were best mates or you were used to talk so often and now you don't.. but the thing which we will have to do then is for those memories to make us happy and contend and let them us make positive about life cause we know how happy we were when we made those memories, so that it can become easier for us to survive otherwise its gonna get harder cause you won't move on, you will get stuck in the shell of those memories cause its pretty evident that we cant re live them and we are going to miss them! But.. as the quote I mentioned above memories work in both ways, good and bad. So I believe its up to us sometimes how to make the memories make us feel and I must add its hard sometimes as well.. 
So yeah we can try our level best to control the way of feeling when those memories ' haunt' us. We can let the joyous memories to fill us with that sort of happiness which we felt at that particular time, but I have tried to experiment it on my life and I wanna say IT WORKS! 
So memories won't stop haunting us but we can for sure make them a source of making us live better!
On the other hand we have those memories which are the ones which tear us apart cause they are harsh and bitter, the sort of memories which are sad and we can't do anything apart from trying to make ourselves strong enough to deal with 'em. And it is a reality of life that pain makes us stronger and I believe its good in a manner of speaking!

Take work from those harsh memories, when they hit ya. Show 'em that it has made you a more sturdy and just don't be one of those weaklings and make those memories ruin your present, they aren't worth that.
We have loads of things that are just part of our lives and memories are also a part of our lives, YOU right now reading this might be haunted by some sort of memories and its obvious and there isn't any denying in that as well! Me as well 'I am still haunted by the memories'  (PS guess the song :D) 

Just as we our the master of  our thoughts but we deny that fact, we are the master of controlling our emotions, the way we feel about certain things. It's just a thing which needs to be worked on!
So I hope you can relate to this post in one way or another and I shall see you soon!
Good Bye!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be who you want to be!

Hello Everyone!
I hope things are great!

So today I wanted to talk about a bit of a personal sort of topic which we all struggle with at some time in our lives!
And that's the issue of deciding who we want to be whether as a human or something professionally! 

Its such a difficult thing cause we live a life surrounded by loads of people who have different opinions obviously and everybody is willing to give advice and mostly those advises are different varying from person to person. It just makes you not a good person but just a confused person and it can surely destroy our personality. So as far as the advises counts, I am a firm believer that we should listen to 'em at any cost cause some of the people are willing to give advice based on their own experiences so we should be all ears! But the thing which is more important then that is to use our own sense of discretion as what and which thing is paramount for us cause at the end of the day its your life and nobody can tell you or dictate you a path to follow. So listen to advises cause they are sometimes very valuable and helps a lot in shaping your lives but that only happens when you take your thought and feelings into account as well.
Nobody knows you better then you do, so don't let anyone take your obsession of going for a particular profession that you love, away from you!! If there is a thing which you want to do just listen to yourself cause people surely are gonna give you various advises as what and what you should do.. but you know that the profession that you want is the one you are good at so how just think how can a person be a doctor if he wants to be an architect, and he knows his abilities and he knows that he is good at it. But people are trying to confuse him as he should be doctor cause its way more good profession then an architect but the truth is if he will join medical college he wont be able to bring the best out of it cause he is not made for it!! So thats professionally.. 
When it comes to being a person.. We all are judged in one way or another but the thing which should be kept in mind is that YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE! You can try to but trust me its more harder then you think..You are strong, don't let anyone dull your sparkle, be the sort of person who gives you happiness!! Cause at the end of the day your opinion about your life is the opinion that matters. If people judge you, you are gonna mold yourself to be the sort of person they want you to be but again everyone has different opinions and ask yourself are you gonna keep on doing that? Are you gonna change yourself every time after being judged?
No!! Its just gonna make you a miserable person and that's all but nobody wants that at all. So we shouldn't let people take on our lives and handle them in whatever way they want. Don't forget it's your life and as Will Traynor said.." You only get one life.. Its actually your duty to live it as fully as possible". So yeah that's that!
Nobody is as concerned about your life as you are and you should be so that tells us that we are the only one or maybe our parents, who have the full liberty to decide your future professionally. And you let alone you are the one who knows what suits you, what sort of life gives you happiness! If you are a girl and you like make up go for it cause it give you happiness but please apply according to your age :) and on the other hand if you don't prefer it and people say you should wear it, but you feel satisfied or we can say " more you" then don't wear it, cause if you will then you will be uncomfortable so yeah be the person you want to be! Similarly if you are a boy and people say you to wear your wrist watch on left arm cause apparently we have this thing where we believe that men wear it on left while women on right..but if you are left handed and you find it convenient to be worn on right hand go for it man.. its not a matter of life or death at least as far as my research tells me so yeah its up to you and don't let anyone tell you which arm should be your watch on! Tiny things like that.. so its always the little things and by achieving this sort of satisfaction we will be able to live our life to the fullest!
So there we go. But keep it in mind that we should listen to all the advises we are given, respect 'em! But just while thinking about those advises don't forget your advice cause it really matters!
Be who you want to be!
I will see you in the next post :)
Good Luck!
Cause it's your life.. Even if you will become the sort of person they want you to be, they are not gonna be so chuffed about to so dont ruin your life!!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Lessons Learned #2

Hello Everyone! 

I hope life is treating you well!!

Today I wanted to discuss some more lessons that I have learned, cause I really liked talking about a few in one of my recent posts so I decided it would be cool to talk about 10 more lessons as so I hope it would be worth the read as the last one so lets delve in shall we? :)
Some people find forgiving a matter of life and death but to be honest it ain't difficult , the thing which is hard is the first step and once you take it you are going to feel great and it wont make you small at all! People find forgiving hard cause they think that it is going to make them small or lose there worth but the reality is opposite. Forgiving gives you the sort of respect nothing can possibly give you and other then that the amount of satisfaction you get in return is immense. So just learn to forgive and please don't make your life difficult by keeping grudges cause they can and will harm you! Forgiving is hard but it just takes a nice heart to do it and YOU can do it!

Well it is an understatement that admiring someone or appreciating is the thing which people rarely do but the thing people easily do is to criticize someone cause it gives them the upper hand and make them feel as if they are more sensible but that's not the case! Everyone can relate to this point I believe cause we are criticized several times in our life times as compared to the rate of being appreciated. Doing several good things .. and no real appreciation in return and just do one bad thing critics will emerge from no where within no span of time. Another sad reality but it is true! It takes a lot of strength to appreciate someone, that's why people don't do it as much as they should on the contrary to criticizing and taking out flaws is very easy and doesn't require a lot of strength! People forget that if you appreciate someone they are gonna work wonders in return and on criticism a lot of people feel dis hearten and just don't wanna do anything at all but we the critics don't understand this sadly! I think that we should make a habit of appreciating the little things despite criticizing the huge mistakes!

Tea.. such a great thing that we are blessed with. Some people don't drink it at all, the others who do drink it are addicted to it, their days are incomplete with out it! I have a cup on my bed side table, which I DIY'ed and I handwrote this quote which goes "You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and it's pretty much the same thing"! 
I am a tea/coffee addict as well and I honestly am a firm believer that tea fixes most things. And I am the sort of person who gets so fascinated by scenes in films and novels in which the characters are just making a cuppa tea and just the thought of that kettle being on, satisfies me immensely. Then taking that cup from kitchen counter to a window sill and just simply cherishing every sip of that tea makes me wanna get up and make my own cup of tea! and tbh and do that all the time.. So yeah just any kind of tea, we have loads and loads these days, make things a lot simple not in literal meaning but still it just gives you a feeling of contentment which makes you feel better! So if you are reading this make yourself a good old cuppa tea and drink and cherish it as you read this post!

Living the sort of busy lives that we are living now, we forget ourselves and just give the whole of ourselves to others, whoever they might be. We forget that we matter. We lost ourselves in this crowded world and forget to find ourselves back again. Its not good to forget who you are for the sake of the world cause world is gonna use you and throw you away like a used tissue paper, you will become part of the trash bin soon! PS it sounds like it has happened to me but thank goodness it hasn't but its just a thing that I have seen... And nobody except YOU can help you in finding yourself!  We give our hearts and souls and what we get nothing.. and people take us for granted!
Taking out time for yourself is as important as giving your time to the world, cause you.. yes you matters! And the things that matters are not left the way you have left it.. Take time for yourself, don't make yourself small that not only you but people around you forget your worth! Give other the time and all but please while doing that don't forget yourself!

Its again a sure thing that people don't really care about you until and unless they really do care about it which is very rare case so whats the point in sharing your weaknesses with like everyone, share it with them you feel comfortable in but not with everyone cause no one is really always there for you and nobody really cares! The sort of time in which we are living, people haven't got time to solve their issues, why would they pay attention to yours so be careful who you chose to share your weaknesses with. You share 'em to make yourself feel a bit stronger but if your choice is wrong then it is gonna make you more weak! But people are gonna use your weaknesses against you so be careful in who you trust!

We being the most sensible people we think we are, are just too good to give sermons to other people without realizing that what if they might be going through a really hard time that's why they are not able to do that particular thing!! But you know we don't do it. We don't have a clue what the person who is sitting next to us is going through, we don't know the intensity of the battle that he is fighting, we don't know how hard things are for him, what pain he is hiding behind the beautiful smile! 
So my point isn't that you shouldn't say a word.. what I am trying to say is that be careful with your words! Say whatever but choose the right words which wont cause a harm to that person! Be careful cause you are there to make 'em feel better not to make the already worst situation more worse! Choose words which wont act as knives, choose words which are gonna make there already present issue a bit easier. JUST THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK IS ALL I WANNA SAY! 

If you cant tell , then at least try not to make things more hard by using the right things to say!

Its such an honest, straightforward quote! You know when you were a little girl or even a boy, there was always this barbie dream house that was so magical and just perfect or a remote control car perhaps a Lamborghini .. but it was beyond your reach, so that bond or attachment between you and that toy becomes a thing and you just becomes attach to it, close to it! But you just wont and cant get it cause its beyond your reach and that's the case with life as well you just get awfully and emotionally closed to that dream house that you wont be able to get! There are so many thing on a day to day basis, so many little 'dream house' that you wanna get but you wont be able to.. but you just connects to it!

So somebody said this me and I just thought how deep and real this sentence is, I must say its such a powerful sentence! Life is the hardest thing that we have to survive!!
This world and especially the lives of people other then us always looks like as if its all amazing lined with glitters and sparkles everywhere. But it isn't the truth world isn't a really simple and easy place to be in, its just the most difficult kind of thing. Things that seem so perfect aren't perfect, they seem perfect cause we haven't looked at them closely! Life is hard people. And we only think that OUR life is hard but trust me everyone is fighting a battle to settle in, which we are unaware of!

We are the whingers! We just love to complain about each and every single thing but when it comes to thanking or being grateful for we ain't that good in this field! So I just think that if we complain less and just try to be happy in what we have got, we can make things a lot simpler and easier for ourselves! Another drawback of complaining is that it gives you this sort of title that this person is just the whinger, is is gonna complain whatever the situation is so that won't make your image any good! So just try not to be a whinger be thankful for the things you have got at hand before you lose 'em! 

We all have been there where the only thought we had was that if a certain thing wont happen we are not gonna survive. And everyone knows that, that ain't gonna happen! So if right now you have this thought inside your head that you are not gonna survive trust me you will. I have been through and If I can survive YOU can obviously!!  No matter how hard things get, how hard life gets at the end of the day the clouds will fade and you will see the sunshine so just wait.. patiently! " Have faith and you shall triumph" - Mr Gentleman! :)
So don't worry!  Time shall pass whether its good or bad so just relax and yeah you'll for sure survive! 

So there we go! 
I hope you will be able to relate to it in one way or another!
So I will see you!
Good Luck!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Before you run out of time!

I hope everyone is doing well out there!
Today I just wanted to share a really peculiar sort of experience that I experienced a couple of days ago. Well sadly my father's sister passed away and it was a real big loss for us as she was so dear to all of us but we just cant do anything to stop death to take away the people without whom we think that we wont be able to survive, but death is certain and we cant do anything about it rather then just being patient in Allah's will. 

So the thing which I wanted to address today is a really surreal kind of thing which I came across. Well I have seen dead body's before, obviously when a relative or loved one die you go and attend the funerals, but this time it was different.. As I went and sat next to my aunt's dead body for several minutes which I haven't done before. I just stared her without feeling a single thing or thinking a single thing cause I was really down but after some time when I was sat there I just held her hand which was ice cold and kept looking at her face thinking how she was alright when I met her few weeks ago and now she is lying still in front of me and I won't see her like that again in my life! It was surreal for me to see her like that, haven't seen a dead body from that closeness ever! There was something really dejecting. Then I thought  this is what is going to happen to every single one of us! We are gonna die and we will be the most helpless being and we wont be able to do anything. She was a person who would just see us from a distance and will start wishing us, praying for us. Her prayers echoed in my ears when we last went to visit her, I remember we came out of the house and I was still able to hear her praying for our save journey, but now I was there, really close to her but she couldn't greet me, she couldn't greet any of us. She was helpless in her own way and I was helpless in my own! I was talking to her but was unable to get a reply! It was really bizarre to look at this situation cause haven't seen it like this before. So I just stared her so that I can have her saved as a memory in myself forever. Then I thought to myself that this is the ultimate end of us and we all are familiar but somehow we forget that we are going to be in the same place sooner or later. A time will come when we will be as ineffectual as her lying in front of me! And we will be just so powerless and so dependent on others and I don't know how to put my feelings into words, the feelings that I felt that night. They are quite difficult to be explained! So while being there looking at her in complete despair, a flashback sort of started. All the times that I spent with her throughout my life. I saw her life which was incredibly great! A life that she lead was a life worth living. Alhamdullilah it was complete in every aspect! So the whole film kind of played in front of me and I thought that we are alive and we can breath and we know our ultimate end but still we do things which we know we shouldn't do, which are prohibited  but we still do cause we think that we are not gonna die but that ain't gonna happen we have to die and we will! So I imagined myself there for a while and thought to myself that I am going to be in her position someday it could be tomorrow or it could be years from now on but I decided that I want to lead a life that is worthy, that is at least a good one so that when I die people will say that she lead a life which was really appreciable and I don't mean that I want to be famous or make a big name, not at all. What I mean is that a life which has the balance of everything! A life in which you remember that you are gonna die so by having that thought in head you are definitely going to do less sins, a life which is simple, a life in which you seek forgiveness from Allah Pak, a life in which you forgive others no mater how much harm they have caused you, a life in which there is more love and no hatred, a life which is lived under limitations, a life which is somehow going to help others, a life which will make you be remembered, a life which will be appreciated by Allah! 
So the thing is that live a good life before you run out of time, before you become so helpless that you become unable to do anything. When you will be dying, the only thing you will have will be regrets so live a life which wont't make you regret anything! Forgive and seek forgiveness! Meet the ones you haven't seen in a while,with whom you are angry for silly reasons. Life is too short and unpredictable to hold arguments with the people you love, meet them and forgive them before you run out of time!! Love the people around you! Spread happiness like confetti!

I am just saying all this cause the way I have looked at death this time , I can't really express and put that into words, that helpfulness but yeah it has made my belief of dying a bit more stronger and has made me more strong that obviously we all know that we are going to die but now I know it more clearly and hopefully it will help me in becoming a good human being!

Be a good human before you run out out time and be a powerless thing!!
So May Allah grant my aunt the highest place in Jannah! 
May her soul Rest in peace!!
May Allah give us, the people who love her, patience!
See ya!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Live A Little!

I hope everything is good at your end!
We are human , and it is in human nature that we just love change surely because of this nature when we are little we are just so desperate to get a bit old cause we think that life is a life of bliss , similary  we keep on wishing for the next chapter of our lives until we reach a point and say "I wish I could just turn back time" but sadly that's something impossible! And that ain't gonna happen!

I was watching a film the other day and in that film the girl turned 13 and on her birthday she just gets annoyed and just wants to fast forward her life and reach the age of 30 so in the film something happens and she becomes 30 year old , exactly the way she wanted but she see things and regret her eagerness of turning 30 at some point , well that is a whole other story and I am not here promoting that film so I should better just stick to the point. So my point here is that  try to live in the moment! that is important and stop wishing for your life to just rush away trust me its by no means a good thing! And you are for sure going to reach that stage soon where you will wish and beg to go back.
Just like a book every chapter of our life is interesting in its own colors and we just don't appreciate that and just think that definitely the next chapter is going to have much more beautiful things. And because of that rushing we forget to enjoy the current chapter we are on. We should live our life exactly the way we read a book.. And that way is that a book is not complete without all the chapters, if one chapter is missed , it just spoils the essence of a great book! So don't do that with your life!! It is a book and surely a great one because its author is the best Author of all.
So if you are at a stage of your life and you are super desperate to fast forward it , I would say please don't do it because it will harm you and make you sad surely!
Enjoy the essence of every chapter.
Well I think when we are little , adulthood is just an amazing charming thing to us but trust me childhood is and will always be the BEST time of our lives. I mean time like that , a chapter like that is not going to come in your book ever again. We the adults just want to go back because that was for sure the wonderful era of our lives and being a teenager myself , who is nearly a young adult , I think I should have savored the amazingness of my childhood a bit more then I did! Learn from me.. I am nearly at the end of my teenage years and I just want to go back to that time where there was freedom of everything. Where the biggest worry was missing your favorite show or not getting a toffee at a gathering and that was about it! but now things are difficult way more difficult then one could imagine, way more complications which one never wish to happen! So conclusion Childhood is the most tension free time of our life , the most cute time I must say where everything is just utterly amazing. And I am not saying that adulthood is not great it is awesome it has got its own perks! I personally loved being a teenager myself but yeah I do miss me being a little girl, that was a lot easier in a manner of speaking! :) yeah and now I am looking forward to my years of being young adult ( if I live obviously cause you never now, life is just to unpredictable) ! So yeah I ain't complaining!! don't get me wrong.. Life is great Alhamdullilah!!
Every stage is pleasurable in it's own way, just like I explained before with the book chapter example!! But I stressed upon childhood a lot as I know during that time everyone wants to be an adult as soon as possible :)

Problem is that most of the children don't understand this and want to rush there lives, which is so annoying I wish they understand the importance and greatness of time they are going through..
So the whole point of my ramble is cherish the time which you have at your hands because whats gone is gone and future is never guaranteed because life is just so unpredictable!
Stop moving fast, LIVE A LITTLE , live slowly enjoy every line of your book.. some might be a bit more for you to handle but don't worry time has this incredible quality of passing
whether good or bad! So just calm down and slow up a bit and LIVE cause that is important and we often forget to do it!

Don't let yourself suffer through this..
Enjoy your life!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Lessons Learned.

I hope everything is perfect at your end!
So we live and we learn. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, there could be several possibilities for that particular happening. Sometime we gain something, sometime we gain nothing but a lesson!
So today I am going to talk about few lessons that I have learned in my approximately 19 years of living!
I always try to learn things from everything and sometimes the lesson you learn are really good for you and can help you in living the rest of your life more 
Obviously 19 years is not a less time its approximately 2 decades which is huge amount of time so yeah I believe I learned a lot form a lot of things!
Today I am going to share 7 lessons that I have learned so far!


So the first is about positive thinking, I have this handwritten quote in my room which says " Think like a proton and stay positive". A few years back I decided to think about everything in a much much positive manner and to be honest I have seen that positive thinking can for sure do wonders! 
Just by thinking positively about anything the whole perception about the thing and even the thing itself can change. Why we think negatively when we know it can do 
nothing to the other but it can for sure harm us in several ways! So yeah just think positively about each and everything and see what happens!! Be optimistic!


We just love to expect others to be the same as we are to them but it never always happen , it does happen but very rarely. Not everyone in this huge world has got the stamina to do so. I think that the quote " Never expect form others because expectations leads to disappointment", is so true. When we expect and our expectations are not fulfilled we get disappointed and lost. So whats the point in expecting , just go with the flow , try to be happy and optimistic in every situation but try not to expect a lot from a lot of people. Be thankful if someone do good to you but don't be sad if that doesn't happen , this is only possible if we expect less and live
       "Expect nothing, appreciate everything"


This one is a big one and a sure one I would say. Everyone is this world is of different temperament and we know everybody is different. Something which is loved by 
someone is hated by the other. So nobody is same and you can never in a million years please everyone. You can for sure try to please everyone but its a very rare case
at the end of the day! 

Well said.. I wish I was a Nutellla jar! 

We often get this feeling that we are nothing or we are useless, I myself used to think this way a few years back but somebody once told me that every being is here for a reason and you are not useless, there must be a task that would be assigned to you it could be small it could be huge, but there will be something, don't make yourself small and show the world that you are something , have faith in yourself and love yourself first and never degrade yourself!
And someone once told me "Try to live as a big fish otherwise the big fish wont let you live!". A great piece of advice there!
So the moral is just never make yourself small just never degrade your ideals! Respect them.


So the next lesson is that it is a very rare case that people will get happy in your happiness. In this huge world there are a few people who genuinely gets happy in the happiness of others and those who do so in my opinion are really great beings! Hats off to you if you are one of them. But yeah it is a bitter truth and we can't do anything except changing our own mind sets and try to be happy in other people's happiness! It won't cause any harm to us in the slightest instead it will make you content!


In life we come across a lot of people and the thing I noticed in meeting people was that this world is a great speaker but not a good listener, everyone wants his 
story to be heard but a fare few are willing to listen to the story of others. Everyone can talk for several hours but can't listen for few minutes, I mean I think 
its so true and everyone can relate to this point as well. But still there are some good listeners out there and I hope hat the great speakers will become good listeners one day! 

This point brings me onto the next lesson...


As the world doesn't hear us there is only Allah who is always there for us , who always listens to us.
We have a lot of people in our lives some are friends some are best friends. We do share quite a lot of our lives , our feelings with them and they are our strong backs but still no one is ALWAYS there for you expect Allah. He is always by our side whether we neglect Him , whether we obey him. A saying in Urdu which says " Even shadow leave you in difficult times" it is true! But I am not saying that friends are not there for us, they are for sure but still Allah is the only one who is and will always be there for you! 
Share your sorrows, your happiness hence each and every aspect of life with Him! Discuss your issues with him and see how good and relieved you will feel in return. Talk with Him and feel great, the feeling you get when you talk with Him
is for me the best feeling in the whole entire world!!

So here we go those were a FEW of the many lessons that I have learned.

Learn from life!
I will see you soon!
Be happy!
Be optimistic!
Be simple.
And learn!

Friday, 1 July 2016

DIY: Pin board.

I hope that everything is perfect out there!
A long time ago I uploaded my first ever DIY post about a motivational wall of my room so it was about time that I change my wall because everybody loves a good change so I decided to do something different to it. So I completely changed the wall it was a lot colorful before but as I change my room colors to black, white and grey with a pop of orange so I just have to change the wall as well. 
So I decided to make a pin board, have seen quite a lot of pin boards ideas on Pinterest so I was tempted to make one myself! So that is what I am going to talk about in today's post!
Just a little info if you don't alread know wha DIY stands for, it stands for "Do it yourself". So yeah lets do it!

Second DIY:
The idea behind a Pin board in my opinion is that you just pin your favorite things or some inspirational things on a board. Yeah it is as simple as it sounds.

Lets get started:
I am a hoarder, I just love keeping things that people give me. I cant get rid of them because I have sentimental relation with those cheeky little things and I love hand written notes or drawings or just small things which have some memories behind. So the point of this little story is that what I did with my Pin board is that a pinned few of my fave things on the board. I have and love a lot of stuff but obviously cant pin all of that so I pined few little things. And the benefit of pinning things is that you can change things whenever!!

Things you will need:

  • Thermocol sheet.
  • Few of you fave things or some motivational or inspirational things. Or visual demonstrations of your goals. Its up to you.
  • Thumb pins. You can get creative with this as there are various varieties of thumb pins these days.
  • Most importantly, your creativity. 
So that's all. Just create what you want to create with it. Take your thoughts into account and vision things in your head and there you go voila! Its super duper simple.

My sad wall! looking bare without my quotes.

The thermocol

So it's completely you choice what you want to do but if you want to know what I did fr my pin board... carry on reading.
Firstly I took the thermocol and I also took a black chart paper and just cut it diagonally and paste it onto the left side of the thermocol and then I wrote one of my absolute fave quote , a really cute one.

So I hand wrote it on orange chart and pinned it on the the black paper. And then I just carried on pinning a few of my fave things..

So it has got a mixture of things ranging from two tickets of my favorite trip on my own, a Griffindor badge, some cards , a drawing from my friend, a hand written " blessed", a paper airplane form loads of them..
I think its pretty cute! 

Then I just pasted some circles around the board and we are done!
here's the final look!

Drum roll! :)

I hope you liked it.
will see you pretty soon with a new post! 
Until then take care!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Leisure and Laziness!

Long time no see!
I hope everything is good at your end and you are safe and happy! :)
I have been pretty busy with life!
So yeah was lacking some leisure, but now I am bit free!

Leisure! What is it? Well we are all familiar with it. It's just the spare time that we have from our super busy lives!
And I feel like in the past days people had a lot for leisure time for themselves and their families but now we just get too busy that even when we have some spare time , our minds are not just free, they are always filled with stuff happening in our lives and stress and tensions! So we waste our spare time as well and don't spend it the way it should be spent. We don't do justice to it at all. 
So yeah leisure and being lazy are two things which we get confused in and I think we think leisure is just being lazy but the truth is it's up to us , how we use our leisure time

Monday, 7 March 2016

Thank you is not good enough!

Hello everyone!
The nerves and anxiety that I have right now to write this post is indescribable because for me it is a special one!
There a 2 purposes of writing this post 
1) To say thank you!
2) Just to have this post here forever so whenever I miss all of you I can come over here and smile about the silly things that I am about to write and cry my eyes out because I am going to miss them for sure!
So yeah it will be here I am going to carry on blogging but this post will remain here so anyone who wants to come back for reading it in order to cherish the memories.. you are most welcome! :)
Dedicated to XII B! 
A very important part of my life since 7 August 2014!!
On 5th August I rejoined Fazaia, as some of you might know that I have been part of this institution for 12 and a half years now! Pretty incredible! isn't it? :)
Well I remember the day pretty clearly when I set foot in collge, it was probably the worst day of my life as I left my beloved group of friends a.k.a my life lines Sabeen, Nehal, Fiza and Araib was still here but in another section and needed her all the time, some of you may know them. So it was devasting for me to step in college without having them by my side, I had the best time with them well
I am not going to reminisce about my school life as it is a long yet beautiful story but I should better talk about my college life which is the main purpose!
I was absolutely shattered, not contented at all.
It was not the most exciting day!
The feeling I had that day was none other then the feeling of being vulnerable!
But then after 2 days the exciting part begins! Yay! 'drum roll' :D
That worst situation was changed absolutely when I became part of XI B!
I cannot put that into words how grateful I am for being part of this class! So happy and kind of blessed in a manner of speaking for being part of such cool fellows like you! 
So 1st day in this class, I was not happy because I  was kind of settling down in section A!! surprise surprise!:) but obviously I was trying to settle myself there and then some of us were shifted so was not good AT THAT TIME !! (obviously I was wrong)
I knew some of the faces already which was a relief. Like Nayab , Javeria , Afsheen, Hassan , Zohaib , Ali, Tehreem, Laiba, Aqsa and more!
So it was good to know a lot of people already. 
My journey has been pretty eventful as it has so many ups and downs. 
Long story short.........Here we go!
I hope I don't get this wrong! :)
Nayab, known her since 1 class so we were already friends . She gathered me and made me feel a lot more alive, but left Fazaia and I was shattered again because I felt alone. cried cried cried! interacted with other girls and found out that they are absolutely amazing bunch of people! Blessed!!
 Running to section C to meet my Araib and of course Hira :) which was still in this college, was a relieving thing.
Samra, a huge part of my journey we had such a great time. All those hilarious stories :) Khaula you must know them! :)
Then guess what? She left! Devastated again...
It seemed to me that ever lasting happiness was not in my fate. But actually I got on with all the girls quite well so I was in a much better place!
Shout out to Maria, Fiza , Noor, Amna, Aqsa, Afsheen, Tehreem, Laiba, Khaula and Rida , Hadiqa, Ayesha , Iqra , Mubashra and Tayyaba as well!!
You made life a lot more easier for me without even knowing!
Love you to bits!
Thank you is not good enough for all ALL of you for being with me in the awful time of my life!
Then a new girl came! You would have already guessed who I am going to talk about :)
Yes Hareem!
So I never ever thought about being a friend of her it just happened and it was one of the best thing that happened to me!:)
We became best of friends without even realizing and I was so happy and it was great and everything was perfect and I had such a wonderful time! then what happened she left! And I was devastated again! Agh
 Massive massive thanks to Fizza and Maria for letting me part of their group and bearing with me! :) 
Thank you for listening to me always and just being so lovely!
All my ' excitement stories'! 
I know I am so weird but both of you accepted me and made me feel really really good and honestly can't thank you enough and now I am getting excited hahaha! you know what I mean! :)
both of you made me really comfortable and just genuinely happy and I adore both of you so much and yeah! 
So after college wait for my call! Remember :D
Khaula.... Well we had a great time and we have some funny memories together yeah and I want to add that your personality is so unpredictable!
But I think we had so much fun and I will remember that and really really sorry for those seats issues! 
Noor!! My one direction partner! 
Thank you so much for listening to my rambles about one d!!!
And you are a really nice and polite person I came across and it has been great talking to you about a lot of things and thank you for being so welcoming I guess and just for your affection and yeah thanks love!
Those lyrics that we sang together.. So much fun! I always will remember that and we have to see ' THIS IS US' don't forget! 
And Niall Horan all the way! right? :D
Tayyaba.. you have been good as well and thank you understanding me when we had a misunderstanding if you remember! 
Aqsa thank you for being so positive and giving me the lesson of ' what is point in worrying!'
Thank You for being a little happy bunny and just making everyone happy around you and we do have a cool memory that I don't think we can forget which is a pretty funny one :D You know what I am talking about! Love you!
Afsheen... I love you so much! you are so incredible! I have known you for years and you are great! you are always there when I need you!
You are just so awesome and just stay the way you are. 
Don't let anyone take this awesomeness from you!
Tehreem.. You are changed in a good manner so that is great ! 
And I really enjoyed your company and I have known you for a lot of years now and I just think you are great but just be a bit more patient sometimes and otherwise it is all good and I love you!
Amna.. You are the first person I met on my 1st day in college and you have always been great and we had some pretty good chats so thanks for that and I really think you are a genuine person and just so loving !
We had some really good time and I will remember that and thank you so much!
Hadiqa and Rida.. I am sorry for not being good, I really am sorry!
I never really connected with Iqra , Ayesha and Mubashra but there were times when we talked and it has been good! So thanks for being good!

It was indeed a roller coaster for me.
 Thankfully I had all of you ( XII B fellows!) , most amazing group of girls and pretty cool bunch of boys!
BUT I am writing this post to thank everyone of you
for making my most awful, horrendous days into best days just by your amazing sense of humors and positive attitudes! :D
I am going to miss all of it for sure !
And I am already missing it and being all emotional , I am so weird !
But it is the truth.
Well I think boys of our section were the charm of our class really!:)
So I am going to start from Jameel , the most hated person in the beginning. He was the weirdest but with the passage of time he became an important part of our class and we well I really enjoyed his funny / weird compliments and sense of humor ! I honestly enjoyed you being part of our class! So Jameel if you are reading this thanks for making us laugh!
Uhmmm then comes Aftab , still to this day I am scared of his anger!!!
I remember the good old days when in the beginning he was used to scold me for not doing the duties and side note most of the time I was right and he was wrong but I never complained cause I was afraid of his anger! If you are reading this I am not complaining AT ALL just thought I should let you know! Sorry! Now when I look back I really enjoy it! :) I hope you won't be angry at me for writing this :D
But now you have been really respectful and I think never scolded me anymore but I just wanted to share this fun fact! Sorry if I offended you I didn't meant to! You are really nice!
Ali... I have known you before so it was a good thing to have you in this class and I think that you have always been so respectful to me which is a good thing!
Let's talk about Choza! :)
or chu chu or Osama Bin Fazil!
Your sense of humor was quite different as you have got the ability to say a pretty hilarious thing making all of us laugh and you stay calm as if nothing has happened :)
which to be fair was dangerous for us but I honestly enjoyed your cheeky little compliments so much! So thank you for making us laugh hysterically!
Hassan Abbas..Mr head boy!
Well don't need any introduction I believe!
Pretty good sense of humor! And a nice person as far as I know!
I have known you ever since the only sentence you were used to say to every prefect was 
'aap ahista to bolain' :D which you probably won't remember !
You have been source of providing joys to the class and also have been pretty good in annoying some people :) So you should be sorry to them! :D Just saying!
I don't have any complain! I really enjoyed your presence in our class! 
I will for sure remember that test of English scene..! I cried!
And other hilarious stories!  
Some funny chats as well! 
So thank you so much for all that!
So that is that and now I believe Danial deserves a mention as from the beginning a really admired his way of studying like the way he make notes, super neat using marker as well! :) So it is impressing because not many boys do this really so yeah!
and he is super duper respectful as well which is great!
Kamran Furqan ! thank you for always being respectful and talking in a really polite manner!
Zohaib, another one who can crack a joke without laughing himself! :) 
His silly compliments that he give without laughing himself and it has been good to have you in our class!
Thank you for making us laugh and for that packet of coco mo that you gave me on last Spring Gala although I failed the game! I really appreciate that ! :)
Then Maaz.. You still are in my good book! That is all!
Aatir and Aarib..pretty decent newbies that became part for class!
a pretty recent thing that made me smile so much was both of them playing 'chum chum' it was cute!
Also I remember that sentence of Aatir when Sir Zohair was talking about the risks of a terrorist attack and Aatir very innocently said ' Sir aisy to mat bolain dar lag raha hai'!! :)
those evacuations and Aatir and Hassan running as fast as they possibly can to get their positions was pretty courageous! really appreciate that! 
Hence thank you everyone from Sidique, Talha ,Umair All the Osamas, Umair Abdullah , Asmad ,both of Fahads and Rasaam including Faizan of course, I think at some point you intentionally did something or said something which made me happy!
I am sorry if your name is not here but I genuinely am so grateful to be part of this class!! and I am thankful to each and everyone of you!
I am going to miss a lot of things from English's period to fake bus that you people created! remember? to most importantly the PAPER AIRPLANES ! I really enjoyed that and I must admit that I have a fair collection of those airplanes because I am such a hoarder and I really found that funny and great! So thanks for that!
Those evacuations and the lock down drills!
And yeah those fake siren sounds!! 
Whoever made them I must say they were always so real. 
Well I am going to miss a lot!!!!!!
" EDITED" And I didn't mention Taaha another pretty charming class fellow of ours! Well Hareem reminded me so I am editing it write now! Well I had a reason for not mentioning him as he left the college and I never knew a lot about him but there was the only the I knew which was that he is so nice and respectful!
Well another thing after meeting him on Gala 2016 I wanted to add him in the post I don't know why I didn't did that! :)
So it was so nice to meet him, he is really cool man! :) thanks to Hareem mujhy Taaha sy milwany k liay! :)
the only thing I know is that he left Danial and Hareem left me :D Not good!!!
Well Taaha if you are reading this I just want to thank you for being a part of our class and thank you for your awesome attitude! :)

And in the end a shout out to Araib and Hira!
You have been there for me through all the good times and the bad!
both of know who you are! 
Thank you for making me happy by all those ' silly ' things that we did:D
You have both been the best!
and I love you to bits and thank goodness that both of you were here and it was such a great feeling to have you by my side!
and I love both of you to the moon and back!
I am so thankful that out of my 4 life lines 1 was here and that is Araib and I honestly can't be more grateful and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Although this post is specifically for my class XII B but I cheated a bit and mentioned Araib and Hira because I couldn't help myself so hope that is okay!!
Thank you girls!

Last but not the the least I want to mention the teachers who have been great like Madam Farina.. she is such a nice person and you feel really comfortable when you talk to her and I am so grateful that she became our class teacher this year it was an absolute treat!

Sir Zohair.. I think he is such a father figure, so gentle and kind and gets what we feel and just makes us happy!
Ma'am Talat , Ma'am Sajeela ,Sir Zaheer and Ma'am Khair beared with us and we have been the most annoying students!
so they desire some sort of medal for that I believe! :)

I never knew that saying hard will become this hard

I remember walking through the college gate and praying for college to end BUT now I want to go back to my old self and say ' Don't panic trust me you are going to love it'.
I will be leaving this college with so many great memories , remarkable friends , affection and endless amount of laughter.
All of you have made saying good bye so hard for me!
Every single one of you have done so much for me without even realizing!
And for all of that I believe thank you is not good enough!
And I hope there will be kind of a reunion party of our batch after some time! it would be great!

Also I am sorry if you find it cheesy or weird but I am quite a sentimental person and I value things like this quite a lot so that is why I did it!

P.s we still have a Spring Gala and a trip really looking forward to them! :)

and also Some of us think we should plan a day on which we all come and it will be kind of our official last day type day and we can do the autographs sort of thing.. give this thing a thought and let us know!
Be sure to be signed in from your email account so that you can leave me a comment ( please be a bit nice :) ) I have talked about all of you it is your turn now!
Comment down below anything that you will miss OR just anything about me or anything in general! THANKS!THANKS A LOT FOR A LOT OF THINGS!



And another thank you for reading such a long post!
And if you read it whole give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it!
see you all tomorrow hopefully!