Friday, 1 January 2016

Incredible girls!

I hope everyone is doing well! Happy New Year!
So here we are in 2016. Can't believe it is 2016 , 2015 has gone super quickly like I remember writing my last post of 2014 and now it is 2016!!!
I have not blogged since ages and I missed it so much but I was a bit busy and all that kink of jazz but I am back and my RESOLUTION is to blog more this year and be more constant and to write good stuff!!

People really have a great impact on your lives, very true and I just want to talk about a few people who literally made me a lot more happier in fast paced 2015.. And these are the people WHO HAVEN'T MET but would love to meet one day. I have a lot of great people in my life but obviously I meet them and know them but these girls are the ones who I haven't met but they have had such a good influence on my life!

Let's start..

  • MEG!
She is megsays on yt. Go check her out and she is genuinely the most incredible person I came across in 2015. Her positive attitude and liveliness just gets me. She had made me so happy. Her videos and so calming and good!
I love her honestly I just think she deserves so many more subscribers , love her and just great person! She just replied to some of the comments that I did and I was freaking out.. so thanks a lot.
 She is great I don't have words for her yeah so that's that .
Thank you for making me incredibly happy !

She is fabuloushannah on yt. Definitely check her out!
She is so funny and lovely and absolutely love watching her and she is just great.
Her vlogs were really good and she is hands down one of my favorite! :)


Velvetgh0st on yt. Another incredible person. the effort she puts in her videos is great she just stresses herself out just to make us happy and I salute you. I adore gabby you can just watch her random vlogs and it will make you happy :)

 So these are the girls I found in 2015 and I adore them love you loads and best of luck for 2016!

Let's have a toast to all of you!:) 
Waiting for your guys new content and I am sure it is gonna be great

Thank you for reading and subscribe as a new year gift!:)
See you soon! :)