Monday, 7 March 2016

Thank you is not good enough!

Hello everyone!
The nerves and anxiety that I have right now to write this post is indescribable because for me it is a special one!
There a 2 purposes of writing this post 
1) To say thank you!
2) Just to have this post here forever so whenever I miss all of you I can come over here and smile about the silly things that I am about to write and cry my eyes out because I am going to miss them for sure!
So yeah it will be here I am going to carry on blogging but this post will remain here so anyone who wants to come back for reading it in order to cherish the memories.. you are most welcome! :)
Dedicated to XII B! 
A very important part of my life since 7 August 2014!!
On 5th August I rejoined Fazaia, as some of you might know that I have been part of this institution for 12 and a half years now! Pretty incredible! isn't it? :)
Well I remember the day pretty clearly when I set foot in collge, it was probably the worst day of my life as I left my beloved group of friends a.k.a my life lines Sabeen, Nehal, Fiza and Araib was still here but in another section and needed her all the time, some of you may know them. So it was devasting for me to step in college without having them by my side, I had the best time with them well
I am not going to reminisce about my school life as it is a long yet beautiful story but I should better talk about my college life which is the main purpose!
I was absolutely shattered, not contented at all.
It was not the most exciting day!
The feeling I had that day was none other then the feeling of being vulnerable!
But then after 2 days the exciting part begins! Yay! 'drum roll' :D
That worst situation was changed absolutely when I became part of XI B!
I cannot put that into words how grateful I am for being part of this class! So happy and kind of blessed in a manner of speaking for being part of such cool fellows like you! 
So 1st day in this class, I was not happy because I  was kind of settling down in section A!! surprise surprise!:) but obviously I was trying to settle myself there and then some of us were shifted so was not good AT THAT TIME !! (obviously I was wrong)
I knew some of the faces already which was a relief. Like Nayab , Javeria , Afsheen, Hassan , Zohaib , Ali, Tehreem, Laiba, Aqsa and more!
So it was good to know a lot of people already. 
My journey has been pretty eventful as it has so many ups and downs. 
Long story short.........Here we go!
I hope I don't get this wrong! :)
Nayab, known her since 1 class so we were already friends . She gathered me and made me feel a lot more alive, but left Fazaia and I was shattered again because I felt alone. cried cried cried! interacted with other girls and found out that they are absolutely amazing bunch of people! Blessed!!
 Running to section C to meet my Araib and of course Hira :) which was still in this college, was a relieving thing.
Samra, a huge part of my journey we had such a great time. All those hilarious stories :) Khaula you must know them! :)
Then guess what? She left! Devastated again...
It seemed to me that ever lasting happiness was not in my fate. But actually I got on with all the girls quite well so I was in a much better place!
Shout out to Maria, Fiza , Noor, Amna, Aqsa, Afsheen, Tehreem, Laiba, Khaula and Rida , Hadiqa, Ayesha , Iqra , Mubashra and Tayyaba as well!!
You made life a lot more easier for me without even knowing!
Love you to bits!
Thank you is not good enough for all ALL of you for being with me in the awful time of my life!
Then a new girl came! You would have already guessed who I am going to talk about :)
Yes Hareem!
So I never ever thought about being a friend of her it just happened and it was one of the best thing that happened to me!:)
We became best of friends without even realizing and I was so happy and it was great and everything was perfect and I had such a wonderful time! then what happened she left! And I was devastated again! Agh
 Massive massive thanks to Fizza and Maria for letting me part of their group and bearing with me! :) 
Thank you for listening to me always and just being so lovely!
All my ' excitement stories'! 
I know I am so weird but both of you accepted me and made me feel really really good and honestly can't thank you enough and now I am getting excited hahaha! you know what I mean! :)
both of you made me really comfortable and just genuinely happy and I adore both of you so much and yeah! 
So after college wait for my call! Remember :D
Khaula.... Well we had a great time and we have some funny memories together yeah and I want to add that your personality is so unpredictable!
But I think we had so much fun and I will remember that and really really sorry for those seats issues! 
Noor!! My one direction partner! 
Thank you so much for listening to my rambles about one d!!!
And you are a really nice and polite person I came across and it has been great talking to you about a lot of things and thank you for being so welcoming I guess and just for your affection and yeah thanks love!
Those lyrics that we sang together.. So much fun! I always will remember that and we have to see ' THIS IS US' don't forget! 
And Niall Horan all the way! right? :D
Tayyaba.. you have been good as well and thank you understanding me when we had a misunderstanding if you remember! 
Aqsa thank you for being so positive and giving me the lesson of ' what is point in worrying!'
Thank You for being a little happy bunny and just making everyone happy around you and we do have a cool memory that I don't think we can forget which is a pretty funny one :D You know what I am talking about! Love you!
Afsheen... I love you so much! you are so incredible! I have known you for years and you are great! you are always there when I need you!
You are just so awesome and just stay the way you are. 
Don't let anyone take this awesomeness from you!
Tehreem.. You are changed in a good manner so that is great ! 
And I really enjoyed your company and I have known you for a lot of years now and I just think you are great but just be a bit more patient sometimes and otherwise it is all good and I love you!
Amna.. You are the first person I met on my 1st day in college and you have always been great and we had some pretty good chats so thanks for that and I really think you are a genuine person and just so loving !
We had some really good time and I will remember that and thank you so much!
Hadiqa and Rida.. I am sorry for not being good, I really am sorry!
I never really connected with Iqra , Ayesha and Mubashra but there were times when we talked and it has been good! So thanks for being good!

It was indeed a roller coaster for me.
 Thankfully I had all of you ( XII B fellows!) , most amazing group of girls and pretty cool bunch of boys!
BUT I am writing this post to thank everyone of you
for making my most awful, horrendous days into best days just by your amazing sense of humors and positive attitudes! :D
I am going to miss all of it for sure !
And I am already missing it and being all emotional , I am so weird !
But it is the truth.
Well I think boys of our section were the charm of our class really!:)
So I am going to start from Jameel , the most hated person in the beginning. He was the weirdest but with the passage of time he became an important part of our class and we well I really enjoyed his funny / weird compliments and sense of humor ! I honestly enjoyed you being part of our class! So Jameel if you are reading this thanks for making us laugh!
Uhmmm then comes Aftab , still to this day I am scared of his anger!!!
I remember the good old days when in the beginning he was used to scold me for not doing the duties and side note most of the time I was right and he was wrong but I never complained cause I was afraid of his anger! If you are reading this I am not complaining AT ALL just thought I should let you know! Sorry! Now when I look back I really enjoy it! :) I hope you won't be angry at me for writing this :D
But now you have been really respectful and I think never scolded me anymore but I just wanted to share this fun fact! Sorry if I offended you I didn't meant to! You are really nice!
Ali... I have known you before so it was a good thing to have you in this class and I think that you have always been so respectful to me which is a good thing!
Let's talk about Choza! :)
or chu chu or Osama Bin Fazil!
Your sense of humor was quite different as you have got the ability to say a pretty hilarious thing making all of us laugh and you stay calm as if nothing has happened :)
which to be fair was dangerous for us but I honestly enjoyed your cheeky little compliments so much! So thank you for making us laugh hysterically!
Hassan Abbas..Mr head boy!
Well don't need any introduction I believe!
Pretty good sense of humor! And a nice person as far as I know!
I have known you ever since the only sentence you were used to say to every prefect was 
'aap ahista to bolain' :D which you probably won't remember !
You have been source of providing joys to the class and also have been pretty good in annoying some people :) So you should be sorry to them! :D Just saying!
I don't have any complain! I really enjoyed your presence in our class! 
I will for sure remember that test of English scene..! I cried!
And other hilarious stories!  
Some funny chats as well! 
So thank you so much for all that!
So that is that and now I believe Danial deserves a mention as from the beginning a really admired his way of studying like the way he make notes, super neat using marker as well! :) So it is impressing because not many boys do this really so yeah!
and he is super duper respectful as well which is great!
Kamran Furqan ! thank you for always being respectful and talking in a really polite manner!
Zohaib, another one who can crack a joke without laughing himself! :) 
His silly compliments that he give without laughing himself and it has been good to have you in our class!
Thank you for making us laugh and for that packet of coco mo that you gave me on last Spring Gala although I failed the game! I really appreciate that ! :)
Then Maaz.. You still are in my good book! That is all!
Aatir and Aarib..pretty decent newbies that became part for class!
a pretty recent thing that made me smile so much was both of them playing 'chum chum' it was cute!
Also I remember that sentence of Aatir when Sir Zohair was talking about the risks of a terrorist attack and Aatir very innocently said ' Sir aisy to mat bolain dar lag raha hai'!! :)
those evacuations and Aatir and Hassan running as fast as they possibly can to get their positions was pretty courageous! really appreciate that! 
Hence thank you everyone from Sidique, Talha ,Umair All the Osamas, Umair Abdullah , Asmad ,both of Fahads and Rasaam including Faizan of course, I think at some point you intentionally did something or said something which made me happy!
I am sorry if your name is not here but I genuinely am so grateful to be part of this class!! and I am thankful to each and everyone of you!
I am going to miss a lot of things from English's period to fake bus that you people created! remember? to most importantly the PAPER AIRPLANES ! I really enjoyed that and I must admit that I have a fair collection of those airplanes because I am such a hoarder and I really found that funny and great! So thanks for that!
Those evacuations and the lock down drills!
And yeah those fake siren sounds!! 
Whoever made them I must say they were always so real. 
Well I am going to miss a lot!!!!!!
" EDITED" And I didn't mention Taaha another pretty charming class fellow of ours! Well Hareem reminded me so I am editing it write now! Well I had a reason for not mentioning him as he left the college and I never knew a lot about him but there was the only the I knew which was that he is so nice and respectful!
Well another thing after meeting him on Gala 2016 I wanted to add him in the post I don't know why I didn't did that! :)
So it was so nice to meet him, he is really cool man! :) thanks to Hareem mujhy Taaha sy milwany k liay! :)
the only thing I know is that he left Danial and Hareem left me :D Not good!!!
Well Taaha if you are reading this I just want to thank you for being a part of our class and thank you for your awesome attitude! :)

And in the end a shout out to Araib and Hira!
You have been there for me through all the good times and the bad!
both of know who you are! 
Thank you for making me happy by all those ' silly ' things that we did:D
You have both been the best!
and I love you to bits and thank goodness that both of you were here and it was such a great feeling to have you by my side!
and I love both of you to the moon and back!
I am so thankful that out of my 4 life lines 1 was here and that is Araib and I honestly can't be more grateful and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Although this post is specifically for my class XII B but I cheated a bit and mentioned Araib and Hira because I couldn't help myself so hope that is okay!!
Thank you girls!

Last but not the the least I want to mention the teachers who have been great like Madam Farina.. she is such a nice person and you feel really comfortable when you talk to her and I am so grateful that she became our class teacher this year it was an absolute treat!

Sir Zohair.. I think he is such a father figure, so gentle and kind and gets what we feel and just makes us happy!
Ma'am Talat , Ma'am Sajeela ,Sir Zaheer and Ma'am Khair beared with us and we have been the most annoying students!
so they desire some sort of medal for that I believe! :)

I never knew that saying hard will become this hard

I remember walking through the college gate and praying for college to end BUT now I want to go back to my old self and say ' Don't panic trust me you are going to love it'.
I will be leaving this college with so many great memories , remarkable friends , affection and endless amount of laughter.
All of you have made saying good bye so hard for me!
Every single one of you have done so much for me without even realizing!
And for all of that I believe thank you is not good enough!
And I hope there will be kind of a reunion party of our batch after some time! it would be great!

Also I am sorry if you find it cheesy or weird but I am quite a sentimental person and I value things like this quite a lot so that is why I did it!

P.s we still have a Spring Gala and a trip really looking forward to them! :)

and also Some of us think we should plan a day on which we all come and it will be kind of our official last day type day and we can do the autographs sort of thing.. give this thing a thought and let us know!
Be sure to be signed in from your email account so that you can leave me a comment ( please be a bit nice :) ) I have talked about all of you it is your turn now!
Comment down below anything that you will miss OR just anything about me or anything in general! THANKS!THANKS A LOT FOR A LOT OF THINGS!



And another thank you for reading such a long post!
And if you read it whole give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it!
see you all tomorrow hopefully!