Friday, 10 June 2016

Leisure and Laziness!

Long time no see!
I hope everything is good at your end and you are safe and happy! :)
I have been pretty busy with life!
So yeah was lacking some leisure, but now I am bit free!

Leisure! What is it? Well we are all familiar with it. It's just the spare time that we have from our super busy lives!
And I feel like in the past days people had a lot for leisure time for themselves and their families but now we just get too busy that even when we have some spare time , our minds are not just free, they are always filled with stuff happening in our lives and stress and tensions! So we waste our spare time as well and don't spend it the way it should be spent. We don't do justice to it at all. 
So yeah leisure and being lazy are two things which we get confused in and I think we think leisure is just being lazy but the truth is it's up to us , how we use our leisure time