Friday, 10 June 2016

Leisure and Laziness!

Long time no see!
I hope everything is good at your end and you are safe and happy! :)
I have been pretty busy with life!
So yeah was lacking some leisure, but now I am bit free!

Leisure! What is it? Well we are all familiar with it. It's just the spare time that we have from our super busy lives!
And I feel like in the past days people had a lot for leisure time for themselves and their families but now we just get too busy that even when we have some spare time , our minds are not just free, they are always filled with stuff happening in our lives and stress and tensions! So we waste our spare time as well and don't spend it the way it should be spent. We don't do justice to it at all. 
So yeah leisure and being lazy are two things which we get confused in and I think we think leisure is just being lazy but the truth is it's up to us , how we use our leisure time

One sure can be productive in the leisure time by following some of the following tips:

  • We are free so we can think with more concentration, and can come up with amazing ideas whether they are about work, social life or our personal life!
  • By doing something healthy like exercising or may be going for a walk and doing some reflection.
  • By making to do lists. I really like this one,as it's not a boring job but an interesting one and you just easily make your spare time a bit productive but not boring.
  • Writing! Just keep a diary , a journal and make a habit of writing about your day, may be about some of the things that are bothering you or most importantly things that your are grateful for, I think we just are so stressed about lives that we surely forget to appreciate what we have and trust me if you keep a journal of you writing about the things you are thankful for , it is definitely going to make you a lot more positive and happier person!
  • Do something you like it could be anything, maybe you like drawing or writing or cooking/baking, just do that and by this you can enjoy your leisure time without being lazy!
  • Talk! whether to yourself or someone you love like your friends and family just this is the only time we can spend with them as our lives these days are pretty hefty! Also I just found out the other day that people who talk to themselves tend to have higher IQ!!
  • Read! I remember the good old days was reading was something that was given great importance and people were use to buy loads of books and were use to finish them in one sitting, me being one of them, but now we just get so busy or just pretends to be busy so we don't read as much as we should!
  • Have some " Me time " ! put all the worries in a box and shut it and just chill and relax and have fun by watching your favorite TV show, movies whatever you prefer, but in this busy world we forget ourselves behind and just keep thinking about stuff which is pretty useless and we should just free ourselves from this!
  • Praying or much like talking to Allah is another important thing I guess so just try it and you will just feel refreshed, just give your worries to Him and feel relieved!

So yeah just focus on how you spend your free time and to be fair we are the internet generation or whatever it is called, so we just love to spend our leisure time by scrolling our Facebook and just snap chatting and stuff like that, you get my gist! :)
Try and be a bit more productive in a cool way! Obviously if we keep on trying to be good at not being lazy but being productive, it's for sure going to work!

So Stay Blessed!
Be happy!
Stay simple 
and be productive!
Have a good day!