Sunday, 24 July 2016

Live A Little!

I hope everything is good at your end!
We are human , and it is in human nature that we just love change surely because of this nature when we are little we are just so desperate to get a bit old cause we think that life is a life of bliss , similary  we keep on wishing for the next chapter of our lives until we reach a point and say "I wish I could just turn back time" but sadly that's something impossible! And that ain't gonna happen!

I was watching a film the other day and in that film the girl turned 13 and on her birthday she just gets annoyed and just wants to fast forward her life and reach the age of 30 so in the film something happens and she becomes 30 year old , exactly the way she wanted but she see things and regret her eagerness of turning 30 at some point , well that is a whole other story and I am not here promoting that film so I should better just stick to the point. So my point here is that  try to live in the moment! that is important and stop wishing for your life to just rush away trust me its by no means a good thing! And you are for sure going to reach that stage soon where you will wish and beg to go back.
Just like a book every chapter of our life is interesting in its own colors and we just don't appreciate that and just think that definitely the next chapter is going to have much more beautiful things. And because of that rushing we forget to enjoy the current chapter we are on. We should live our life exactly the way we read a book.. And that way is that a book is not complete without all the chapters, if one chapter is missed , it just spoils the essence of a great book! So don't do that with your life!! It is a book and surely a great one because its author is the best Author of all.
So if you are at a stage of your life and you are super desperate to fast forward it , I would say please don't do it because it will harm you and make you sad surely!
Enjoy the essence of every chapter.
Well I think when we are little , adulthood is just an amazing charming thing to us but trust me childhood is and will always be the BEST time of our lives. I mean time like that , a chapter like that is not going to come in your book ever again. We the adults just want to go back because that was for sure the wonderful era of our lives and being a teenager myself , who is nearly a young adult , I think I should have savored the amazingness of my childhood a bit more then I did! Learn from me.. I am nearly at the end of my teenage years and I just want to go back to that time where there was freedom of everything. Where the biggest worry was missing your favorite show or not getting a toffee at a gathering and that was about it! but now things are difficult way more difficult then one could imagine, way more complications which one never wish to happen! So conclusion Childhood is the most tension free time of our life , the most cute time I must say where everything is just utterly amazing. And I am not saying that adulthood is not great it is awesome it has got its own perks! I personally loved being a teenager myself but yeah I do miss me being a little girl, that was a lot easier in a manner of speaking! :) yeah and now I am looking forward to my years of being young adult ( if I live obviously cause you never now, life is just to unpredictable) ! So yeah I ain't complaining!! don't get me wrong.. Life is great Alhamdullilah!!
Every stage is pleasurable in it's own way, just like I explained before with the book chapter example!! But I stressed upon childhood a lot as I know during that time everyone wants to be an adult as soon as possible :)

Problem is that most of the children don't understand this and want to rush there lives, which is so annoying I wish they understand the importance and greatness of time they are going through..
So the whole point of my ramble is cherish the time which you have at your hands because whats gone is gone and future is never guaranteed because life is just so unpredictable!
Stop moving fast, LIVE A LITTLE , live slowly enjoy every line of your book.. some might be a bit more for you to handle but don't worry time has this incredible quality of passing
whether good or bad! So just calm down and slow up a bit and LIVE cause that is important and we often forget to do it!

Don't let yourself suffer through this..
Enjoy your life!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Lessons Learned.

I hope everything is perfect at your end!
So we live and we learn. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, there could be several possibilities for that particular happening. Sometime we gain something, sometime we gain nothing but a lesson!
So today I am going to talk about few lessons that I have learned in my approximately 19 years of living!
I always try to learn things from everything and sometimes the lesson you learn are really good for you and can help you in living the rest of your life more 
Obviously 19 years is not a less time its approximately 2 decades which is huge amount of time so yeah I believe I learned a lot form a lot of things!
Today I am going to share 7 lessons that I have learned so far!


So the first is about positive thinking, I have this handwritten quote in my room which says " Think like a proton and stay positive". A few years back I decided to think about everything in a much much positive manner and to be honest I have seen that positive thinking can for sure do wonders! 
Just by thinking positively about anything the whole perception about the thing and even the thing itself can change. Why we think negatively when we know it can do 
nothing to the other but it can for sure harm us in several ways! So yeah just think positively about each and everything and see what happens!! Be optimistic!


We just love to expect others to be the same as we are to them but it never always happen , it does happen but very rarely. Not everyone in this huge world has got the stamina to do so. I think that the quote " Never expect form others because expectations leads to disappointment", is so true. When we expect and our expectations are not fulfilled we get disappointed and lost. So whats the point in expecting , just go with the flow , try to be happy and optimistic in every situation but try not to expect a lot from a lot of people. Be thankful if someone do good to you but don't be sad if that doesn't happen , this is only possible if we expect less and live
       "Expect nothing, appreciate everything"


This one is a big one and a sure one I would say. Everyone is this world is of different temperament and we know everybody is different. Something which is loved by 
someone is hated by the other. So nobody is same and you can never in a million years please everyone. You can for sure try to please everyone but its a very rare case
at the end of the day! 

Well said.. I wish I was a Nutellla jar! 

We often get this feeling that we are nothing or we are useless, I myself used to think this way a few years back but somebody once told me that every being is here for a reason and you are not useless, there must be a task that would be assigned to you it could be small it could be huge, but there will be something, don't make yourself small and show the world that you are something , have faith in yourself and love yourself first and never degrade yourself!
And someone once told me "Try to live as a big fish otherwise the big fish wont let you live!". A great piece of advice there!
So the moral is just never make yourself small just never degrade your ideals! Respect them.


So the next lesson is that it is a very rare case that people will get happy in your happiness. In this huge world there are a few people who genuinely gets happy in the happiness of others and those who do so in my opinion are really great beings! Hats off to you if you are one of them. But yeah it is a bitter truth and we can't do anything except changing our own mind sets and try to be happy in other people's happiness! It won't cause any harm to us in the slightest instead it will make you content!


In life we come across a lot of people and the thing I noticed in meeting people was that this world is a great speaker but not a good listener, everyone wants his 
story to be heard but a fare few are willing to listen to the story of others. Everyone can talk for several hours but can't listen for few minutes, I mean I think 
its so true and everyone can relate to this point as well. But still there are some good listeners out there and I hope hat the great speakers will become good listeners one day! 

This point brings me onto the next lesson...


As the world doesn't hear us there is only Allah who is always there for us , who always listens to us.
We have a lot of people in our lives some are friends some are best friends. We do share quite a lot of our lives , our feelings with them and they are our strong backs but still no one is ALWAYS there for you expect Allah. He is always by our side whether we neglect Him , whether we obey him. A saying in Urdu which says " Even shadow leave you in difficult times" it is true! But I am not saying that friends are not there for us, they are for sure but still Allah is the only one who is and will always be there for you! 
Share your sorrows, your happiness hence each and every aspect of life with Him! Discuss your issues with him and see how good and relieved you will feel in return. Talk with Him and feel great, the feeling you get when you talk with Him
is for me the best feeling in the whole entire world!!

So here we go those were a FEW of the many lessons that I have learned.

Learn from life!
I will see you soon!
Be happy!
Be optimistic!
Be simple.
And learn!

Friday, 1 July 2016

DIY: Pin board.

I hope that everything is perfect out there!
A long time ago I uploaded my first ever DIY post about a motivational wall of my room so it was about time that I change my wall because everybody loves a good change so I decided to do something different to it. So I completely changed the wall it was a lot colorful before but as I change my room colors to black, white and grey with a pop of orange so I just have to change the wall as well. 
So I decided to make a pin board, have seen quite a lot of pin boards ideas on Pinterest so I was tempted to make one myself! So that is what I am going to talk about in today's post!
Just a little info if you don't alread know wha DIY stands for, it stands for "Do it yourself". So yeah lets do it!

Second DIY:
The idea behind a Pin board in my opinion is that you just pin your favorite things or some inspirational things on a board. Yeah it is as simple as it sounds.

Lets get started:
I am a hoarder, I just love keeping things that people give me. I cant get rid of them because I have sentimental relation with those cheeky little things and I love hand written notes or drawings or just small things which have some memories behind. So the point of this little story is that what I did with my Pin board is that a pinned few of my fave things on the board. I have and love a lot of stuff but obviously cant pin all of that so I pined few little things. And the benefit of pinning things is that you can change things whenever!!

Things you will need:

  • Thermocol sheet.
  • Few of you fave things or some motivational or inspirational things. Or visual demonstrations of your goals. Its up to you.
  • Thumb pins. You can get creative with this as there are various varieties of thumb pins these days.
  • Most importantly, your creativity. 
So that's all. Just create what you want to create with it. Take your thoughts into account and vision things in your head and there you go voila! Its super duper simple.

My sad wall! looking bare without my quotes.

The thermocol

So it's completely you choice what you want to do but if you want to know what I did fr my pin board... carry on reading.
Firstly I took the thermocol and I also took a black chart paper and just cut it diagonally and paste it onto the left side of the thermocol and then I wrote one of my absolute fave quote , a really cute one.

So I hand wrote it on orange chart and pinned it on the the black paper. And then I just carried on pinning a few of my fave things..

So it has got a mixture of things ranging from two tickets of my favorite trip on my own, a Griffindor badge, some cards , a drawing from my friend, a hand written " blessed", a paper airplane form loads of them..
I think its pretty cute! 

Then I just pasted some circles around the board and we are done!
here's the final look!

Drum roll! :)

I hope you liked it.
will see you pretty soon with a new post! 
Until then take care!