Friday, 1 July 2016

DIY: Pin board.

I hope that everything is perfect out there!
A long time ago I uploaded my first ever DIY post about a motivational wall of my room so it was about time that I change my wall because everybody loves a good change so I decided to do something different to it. So I completely changed the wall it was a lot colorful before but as I change my room colors to black, white and grey with a pop of orange so I just have to change the wall as well. 
So I decided to make a pin board, have seen quite a lot of pin boards ideas on Pinterest so I was tempted to make one myself! So that is what I am going to talk about in today's post!
Just a little info if you don't alread know wha DIY stands for, it stands for "Do it yourself". So yeah lets do it!

Second DIY:
The idea behind a Pin board in my opinion is that you just pin your favorite things or some inspirational things on a board. Yeah it is as simple as it sounds.

Lets get started:
I am a hoarder, I just love keeping things that people give me. I cant get rid of them because I have sentimental relation with those cheeky little things and I love hand written notes or drawings or just small things which have some memories behind. So the point of this little story is that what I did with my Pin board is that a pinned few of my fave things on the board. I have and love a lot of stuff but obviously cant pin all of that so I pined few little things. And the benefit of pinning things is that you can change things whenever!!

Things you will need:

  • Thermocol sheet.
  • Few of you fave things or some motivational or inspirational things. Or visual demonstrations of your goals. Its up to you.
  • Thumb pins. You can get creative with this as there are various varieties of thumb pins these days.
  • Most importantly, your creativity. 
So that's all. Just create what you want to create with it. Take your thoughts into account and vision things in your head and there you go voila! Its super duper simple.

My sad wall! looking bare without my quotes.

The thermocol

So it's completely you choice what you want to do but if you want to know what I did fr my pin board... carry on reading.
Firstly I took the thermocol and I also took a black chart paper and just cut it diagonally and paste it onto the left side of the thermocol and then I wrote one of my absolute fave quote , a really cute one.

So I hand wrote it on orange chart and pinned it on the the black paper. And then I just carried on pinning a few of my fave things..

So it has got a mixture of things ranging from two tickets of my favorite trip on my own, a Griffindor badge, some cards , a drawing from my friend, a hand written " blessed", a paper airplane form loads of them..
I think its pretty cute! 

Then I just pasted some circles around the board and we are done!
here's the final look!

Drum roll! :)

I hope you liked it.
will see you pretty soon with a new post! 
Until then take care!