Saturday, 13 August 2016

Before you run out of time!

I hope everyone is doing well out there!
Today I just wanted to share a really peculiar sort of experience that I experienced a couple of days ago. Well sadly my father's sister passed away and it was a real big loss for us as she was so dear to all of us but we just cant do anything to stop death to take away the people without whom we think that we wont be able to survive, but death is certain and we cant do anything about it rather then just being patient in Allah's will. 

So the thing which I wanted to address today is a really surreal kind of thing which I came across. Well I have seen dead body's before, obviously when a relative or loved one die you go and attend the funerals, but this time it was different.. As I went and sat next to my aunt's dead body for several minutes which I haven't done before. I just stared her without feeling a single thing or thinking a single thing cause I was really down but after some time when I was sat there I just held her hand which was ice cold and kept looking at her face thinking how she was alright when I met her few weeks ago and now she is lying still in front of me and I won't see her like that again in my life! It was surreal for me to see her like that, haven't seen a dead body from that closeness ever! There was something really dejecting. Then I thought  this is what is going to happen to every single one of us! We are gonna die and we will be the most helpless being and we wont be able to do anything. She was a person who would just see us from a distance and will start wishing us, praying for us. Her prayers echoed in my ears when we last went to visit her, I remember we came out of the house and I was still able to hear her praying for our save journey, but now I was there, really close to her but she couldn't greet me, she couldn't greet any of us. She was helpless in her own way and I was helpless in my own! I was talking to her but was unable to get a reply! It was really bizarre to look at this situation cause haven't seen it like this before. So I just stared her so that I can have her saved as a memory in myself forever. Then I thought to myself that this is the ultimate end of us and we all are familiar but somehow we forget that we are going to be in the same place sooner or later. A time will come when we will be as ineffectual as her lying in front of me! And we will be just so powerless and so dependent on others and I don't know how to put my feelings into words, the feelings that I felt that night. They are quite difficult to be explained! So while being there looking at her in complete despair, a flashback sort of started. All the times that I spent with her throughout my life. I saw her life which was incredibly great! A life that she lead was a life worth living. Alhamdullilah it was complete in every aspect! So the whole film kind of played in front of me and I thought that we are alive and we can breath and we know our ultimate end but still we do things which we know we shouldn't do, which are prohibited  but we still do cause we think that we are not gonna die but that ain't gonna happen we have to die and we will! So I imagined myself there for a while and thought to myself that I am going to be in her position someday it could be tomorrow or it could be years from now on but I decided that I want to lead a life that is worthy, that is at least a good one so that when I die people will say that she lead a life which was really appreciable and I don't mean that I want to be famous or make a big name, not at all. What I mean is that a life which has the balance of everything! A life in which you remember that you are gonna die so by having that thought in head you are definitely going to do less sins, a life which is simple, a life in which you seek forgiveness from Allah Pak, a life in which you forgive others no mater how much harm they have caused you, a life in which there is more love and no hatred, a life which is lived under limitations, a life which is somehow going to help others, a life which will make you be remembered, a life which will be appreciated by Allah! 
So the thing is that live a good life before you run out of time, before you become so helpless that you become unable to do anything. When you will be dying, the only thing you will have will be regrets so live a life which wont't make you regret anything! Forgive and seek forgiveness! Meet the ones you haven't seen in a while,with whom you are angry for silly reasons. Life is too short and unpredictable to hold arguments with the people you love, meet them and forgive them before you run out of time!! Love the people around you! Spread happiness like confetti!

I am just saying all this cause the way I have looked at death this time , I can't really express and put that into words, that helpfulness but yeah it has made my belief of dying a bit more stronger and has made me more strong that obviously we all know that we are going to die but now I know it more clearly and hopefully it will help me in becoming a good human being!

Be a good human before you run out out time and be a powerless thing!!
So May Allah grant my aunt the highest place in Jannah! 
May her soul Rest in peace!!
May Allah give us, the people who love her, patience!
See ya!