Sunday, 30 October 2016

When we are haunted by the memories!

I hope everyone is perfect out there!
Memories! Well we all at some point in our life times are 'haunted' by the memories! They in literal meanings haunt us, where ever we go, whatever we see! Its just a thing that happens to all of us. 
We have several memories some are good, some are bad, some make us feel down where as other make us feel so chuffed cause they are those happy and best sort of memories! I think this quote is such an appropriate one "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart "  So yeah that's what memories basically do to us!
When you leave a place where you have been for loads of years you definitely gather tons and tons of memories which are for sure gonna haunt you for years afterwards for example moving from school to college or from college to university..or the sort of memories you shared with a pal of yours and now you don't talk to 'em anymore so things are going to remind you of those time when your were best mates or you were used to talk so often and now you don't.. but the thing which we will have to do then is for those memories to make us happy and contend and let them us make positive about life cause we know how happy we were when we made those memories, so that it can become easier for us to survive otherwise its gonna get harder cause you won't move on, you will get stuck in the shell of those memories cause its pretty evident that we cant re live them and we are going to miss them! But.. as the quote I mentioned above memories work in both ways, good and bad. So I believe its up to us sometimes how to make the memories make us feel and I must add its hard sometimes as well.. 
So yeah we can try our level best to control the way of feeling when those memories ' haunt' us. We can let the joyous memories to fill us with that sort of happiness which we felt at that particular time, but I have tried to experiment it on my life and I wanna say IT WORKS! 
So memories won't stop haunting us but we can for sure make them a source of making us live better!
On the other hand we have those memories which are the ones which tear us apart cause they are harsh and bitter, the sort of memories which are sad and we can't do anything apart from trying to make ourselves strong enough to deal with 'em. And it is a reality of life that pain makes us stronger and I believe its good in a manner of speaking!

Take work from those harsh memories, when they hit ya. Show 'em that it has made you a more sturdy and just don't be one of those weaklings and make those memories ruin your present, they aren't worth that.
We have loads of things that are just part of our lives and memories are also a part of our lives, YOU right now reading this might be haunted by some sort of memories and its obvious and there isn't any denying in that as well! Me as well 'I am still haunted by the memories'  (PS guess the song :D) 

Just as we our the master of  our thoughts but we deny that fact, we are the master of controlling our emotions, the way we feel about certain things. It's just a thing which needs to be worked on!
So I hope you can relate to this post in one way or another and I shall see you soon!
Good Bye!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be who you want to be!

Hello Everyone!
I hope things are great!

So today I wanted to talk about a bit of a personal sort of topic which we all struggle with at some time in our lives!
And that's the issue of deciding who we want to be whether as a human or something professionally! 

Its such a difficult thing cause we live a life surrounded by loads of people who have different opinions obviously and everybody is willing to give advice and mostly those advises are different varying from person to person. It just makes you not a good person but just a confused person and it can surely destroy our personality. So as far as the advises counts, I am a firm believer that we should listen to 'em at any cost cause some of the people are willing to give advice based on their own experiences so we should be all ears! But the thing which is more important then that is to use our own sense of discretion as what and which thing is paramount for us cause at the end of the day its your life and nobody can tell you or dictate you a path to follow. So listen to advises cause they are sometimes very valuable and helps a lot in shaping your lives but that only happens when you take your thought and feelings into account as well.
Nobody knows you better then you do, so don't let anyone take your obsession of going for a particular profession that you love, away from you!! If there is a thing which you want to do just listen to yourself cause people surely are gonna give you various advises as what and what you should do.. but you know that the profession that you want is the one you are good at so how just think how can a person be a doctor if he wants to be an architect, and he knows his abilities and he knows that he is good at it. But people are trying to confuse him as he should be doctor cause its way more good profession then an architect but the truth is if he will join medical college he wont be able to bring the best out of it cause he is not made for it!! So thats professionally.. 
When it comes to being a person.. We all are judged in one way or another but the thing which should be kept in mind is that YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE! You can try to but trust me its more harder then you think..You are strong, don't let anyone dull your sparkle, be the sort of person who gives you happiness!! Cause at the end of the day your opinion about your life is the opinion that matters. If people judge you, you are gonna mold yourself to be the sort of person they want you to be but again everyone has different opinions and ask yourself are you gonna keep on doing that? Are you gonna change yourself every time after being judged?
No!! Its just gonna make you a miserable person and that's all but nobody wants that at all. So we shouldn't let people take on our lives and handle them in whatever way they want. Don't forget it's your life and as Will Traynor said.." You only get one life.. Its actually your duty to live it as fully as possible". So yeah that's that!
Nobody is as concerned about your life as you are and you should be so that tells us that we are the only one or maybe our parents, who have the full liberty to decide your future professionally. And you let alone you are the one who knows what suits you, what sort of life gives you happiness! If you are a girl and you like make up go for it cause it give you happiness but please apply according to your age :) and on the other hand if you don't prefer it and people say you should wear it, but you feel satisfied or we can say " more you" then don't wear it, cause if you will then you will be uncomfortable so yeah be the person you want to be! Similarly if you are a boy and people say you to wear your wrist watch on left arm cause apparently we have this thing where we believe that men wear it on left while women on right..but if you are left handed and you find it convenient to be worn on right hand go for it man.. its not a matter of life or death at least as far as my research tells me so yeah its up to you and don't let anyone tell you which arm should be your watch on! Tiny things like that.. so its always the little things and by achieving this sort of satisfaction we will be able to live our life to the fullest!
So there we go. But keep it in mind that we should listen to all the advises we are given, respect 'em! But just while thinking about those advises don't forget your advice cause it really matters!
Be who you want to be!
I will see you in the next post :)
Good Luck!
Cause it's your life.. Even if you will become the sort of person they want you to be, they are not gonna be so chuffed about to so dont ruin your life!!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Lessons Learned #2

Hello Everyone! 

I hope life is treating you well!!

Today I wanted to discuss some more lessons that I have learned, cause I really liked talking about a few in one of my recent posts so I decided it would be cool to talk about 10 more lessons as so I hope it would be worth the read as the last one so lets delve in shall we? :)
Some people find forgiving a matter of life and death but to be honest it ain't difficult , the thing which is hard is the first step and once you take it you are going to feel great and it wont make you small at all! People find forgiving hard cause they think that it is going to make them small or lose there worth but the reality is opposite. Forgiving gives you the sort of respect nothing can possibly give you and other then that the amount of satisfaction you get in return is immense. So just learn to forgive and please don't make your life difficult by keeping grudges cause they can and will harm you! Forgiving is hard but it just takes a nice heart to do it and YOU can do it!

Well it is an understatement that admiring someone or appreciating is the thing which people rarely do but the thing people easily do is to criticize someone cause it gives them the upper hand and make them feel as if they are more sensible but that's not the case! Everyone can relate to this point I believe cause we are criticized several times in our life times as compared to the rate of being appreciated. Doing several good things .. and no real appreciation in return and just do one bad thing critics will emerge from no where within no span of time. Another sad reality but it is true! It takes a lot of strength to appreciate someone, that's why people don't do it as much as they should on the contrary to criticizing and taking out flaws is very easy and doesn't require a lot of strength! People forget that if you appreciate someone they are gonna work wonders in return and on criticism a lot of people feel dis hearten and just don't wanna do anything at all but we the critics don't understand this sadly! I think that we should make a habit of appreciating the little things despite criticizing the huge mistakes!

Tea.. such a great thing that we are blessed with. Some people don't drink it at all, the others who do drink it are addicted to it, their days are incomplete with out it! I have a cup on my bed side table, which I DIY'ed and I handwrote this quote which goes "You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and it's pretty much the same thing"! 
I am a tea/coffee addict as well and I honestly am a firm believer that tea fixes most things. And I am the sort of person who gets so fascinated by scenes in films and novels in which the characters are just making a cuppa tea and just the thought of that kettle being on, satisfies me immensely. Then taking that cup from kitchen counter to a window sill and just simply cherishing every sip of that tea makes me wanna get up and make my own cup of tea! and tbh and do that all the time.. So yeah just any kind of tea, we have loads and loads these days, make things a lot simple not in literal meaning but still it just gives you a feeling of contentment which makes you feel better! So if you are reading this make yourself a good old cuppa tea and drink and cherish it as you read this post!

Living the sort of busy lives that we are living now, we forget ourselves and just give the whole of ourselves to others, whoever they might be. We forget that we matter. We lost ourselves in this crowded world and forget to find ourselves back again. Its not good to forget who you are for the sake of the world cause world is gonna use you and throw you away like a used tissue paper, you will become part of the trash bin soon! PS it sounds like it has happened to me but thank goodness it hasn't but its just a thing that I have seen... And nobody except YOU can help you in finding yourself!  We give our hearts and souls and what we get nothing.. and people take us for granted!
Taking out time for yourself is as important as giving your time to the world, cause you.. yes you matters! And the things that matters are not left the way you have left it.. Take time for yourself, don't make yourself small that not only you but people around you forget your worth! Give other the time and all but please while doing that don't forget yourself!

Its again a sure thing that people don't really care about you until and unless they really do care about it which is very rare case so whats the point in sharing your weaknesses with like everyone, share it with them you feel comfortable in but not with everyone cause no one is really always there for you and nobody really cares! The sort of time in which we are living, people haven't got time to solve their issues, why would they pay attention to yours so be careful who you chose to share your weaknesses with. You share 'em to make yourself feel a bit stronger but if your choice is wrong then it is gonna make you more weak! But people are gonna use your weaknesses against you so be careful in who you trust!

We being the most sensible people we think we are, are just too good to give sermons to other people without realizing that what if they might be going through a really hard time that's why they are not able to do that particular thing!! But you know we don't do it. We don't have a clue what the person who is sitting next to us is going through, we don't know the intensity of the battle that he is fighting, we don't know how hard things are for him, what pain he is hiding behind the beautiful smile! 
So my point isn't that you shouldn't say a word.. what I am trying to say is that be careful with your words! Say whatever but choose the right words which wont cause a harm to that person! Be careful cause you are there to make 'em feel better not to make the already worst situation more worse! Choose words which wont act as knives, choose words which are gonna make there already present issue a bit easier. JUST THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK IS ALL I WANNA SAY! 

If you cant tell , then at least try not to make things more hard by using the right things to say!

Its such an honest, straightforward quote! You know when you were a little girl or even a boy, there was always this barbie dream house that was so magical and just perfect or a remote control car perhaps a Lamborghini .. but it was beyond your reach, so that bond or attachment between you and that toy becomes a thing and you just becomes attach to it, close to it! But you just wont and cant get it cause its beyond your reach and that's the case with life as well you just get awfully and emotionally closed to that dream house that you wont be able to get! There are so many thing on a day to day basis, so many little 'dream house' that you wanna get but you wont be able to.. but you just connects to it!

So somebody said this me and I just thought how deep and real this sentence is, I must say its such a powerful sentence! Life is the hardest thing that we have to survive!!
This world and especially the lives of people other then us always looks like as if its all amazing lined with glitters and sparkles everywhere. But it isn't the truth world isn't a really simple and easy place to be in, its just the most difficult kind of thing. Things that seem so perfect aren't perfect, they seem perfect cause we haven't looked at them closely! Life is hard people. And we only think that OUR life is hard but trust me everyone is fighting a battle to settle in, which we are unaware of!

We are the whingers! We just love to complain about each and every single thing but when it comes to thanking or being grateful for we ain't that good in this field! So I just think that if we complain less and just try to be happy in what we have got, we can make things a lot simpler and easier for ourselves! Another drawback of complaining is that it gives you this sort of title that this person is just the whinger, is is gonna complain whatever the situation is so that won't make your image any good! So just try not to be a whinger be thankful for the things you have got at hand before you lose 'em! 

We all have been there where the only thought we had was that if a certain thing wont happen we are not gonna survive. And everyone knows that, that ain't gonna happen! So if right now you have this thought inside your head that you are not gonna survive trust me you will. I have been through and If I can survive YOU can obviously!!  No matter how hard things get, how hard life gets at the end of the day the clouds will fade and you will see the sunshine so just wait.. patiently! " Have faith and you shall triumph" - Mr Gentleman! :)
So don't worry!  Time shall pass whether its good or bad so just relax and yeah you'll for sure survive! 

So there we go! 
I hope you will be able to relate to it in one way or another!
So I will see you!
Good Luck!