Sunday, 30 October 2016

When we are haunted by the memories!

I hope everyone is perfect out there!
Memories! Well we all at some point in our life times are 'haunted' by the memories! They in literal meanings haunt us, where ever we go, whatever we see! Its just a thing that happens to all of us. 
We have several memories some are good, some are bad, some make us feel down where as other make us feel so chuffed cause they are those happy and best sort of memories! I think this quote is such an appropriate one "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart "  So yeah that's what memories basically do to us!
When you leave a place where you have been for loads of years you definitely gather tons and tons of memories which are for sure gonna haunt you for years afterwards for example moving from school to college or from college to university..or the sort of memories you shared with a pal of yours and now you don't talk to 'em anymore so things are going to remind you of those time when your were best mates or you were used to talk so often and now you don't.. but the thing which we will have to do then is for those memories to make us happy and contend and let them us make positive about life cause we know how happy we were when we made those memories, so that it can become easier for us to survive otherwise its gonna get harder cause you won't move on, you will get stuck in the shell of those memories cause its pretty evident that we cant re live them and we are going to miss them! But.. as the quote I mentioned above memories work in both ways, good and bad. So I believe its up to us sometimes how to make the memories make us feel and I must add its hard sometimes as well.. 
So yeah we can try our level best to control the way of feeling when those memories ' haunt' us. We can let the joyous memories to fill us with that sort of happiness which we felt at that particular time, but I have tried to experiment it on my life and I wanna say IT WORKS! 
So memories won't stop haunting us but we can for sure make them a source of making us live better!
On the other hand we have those memories which are the ones which tear us apart cause they are harsh and bitter, the sort of memories which are sad and we can't do anything apart from trying to make ourselves strong enough to deal with 'em. And it is a reality of life that pain makes us stronger and I believe its good in a manner of speaking!

Take work from those harsh memories, when they hit ya. Show 'em that it has made you a more sturdy and just don't be one of those weaklings and make those memories ruin your present, they aren't worth that.
We have loads of things that are just part of our lives and memories are also a part of our lives, YOU right now reading this might be haunted by some sort of memories and its obvious and there isn't any denying in that as well! Me as well 'I am still haunted by the memories'  (PS guess the song :D) 

Just as we our the master of  our thoughts but we deny that fact, we are the master of controlling our emotions, the way we feel about certain things. It's just a thing which needs to be worked on!
So I hope you can relate to this post in one way or another and I shall see you soon!
Good Bye!