Monday, 19 December 2016

There's always a rainbow after the rain!

Hello! How you doin'?
I hope you are doing well!
You, I, we hence everyone has been to that point where we have felt the life is gonna end and nothing.. legit nothing is gonna work. It is honestly the most awful feeling but it happens to everyone so we cant really do anything about that. We have huge issues and tiny issues on the other hand which are still pretty huge to us so we think that we are the most unlucky being to walk this planet ever... but tbh we aren't the only one and things work out eventually. It's not just a saying but it's true and very true! No matter how hard the storm is, how brutal the rain is there is always a very beautiful sunshine and rainbow afterwords. It never happened that after rain the sun doesn't shine. Its the similar case in our life, reflect upon your life how many problems are survived by you. Think how many times you thought that 'Nah its not going to work' but eventually it did worked then why you still feel the same when it 'rains'? Why don't you tell yourself that there will be sunshine if not now, maybe tomorrow! This is the sort of thing which I am not good at as well so I need to remind myself that its gonna be alright like always...

There are times when we lose faith and hope and just become helpless, in that moment we sit still and wait for someone to drag us up but in realty the only person who can pick you up is you. Its just your will to convince yourself to dance in the rain and enjoy the rainbow that is guaranteed! These are not merely the things for the sake of writing its based on experience. So the point is that nobody leads a perfect, perfect life. Everybody has some flaws in their lives but the difference between the two is just a very simple yet appreciable and that my friends is who is gonna enjoy the rain and who is gonna hide somewhere because of the fear of that rain! And if we take example of 'real' rain we always think of the people as happy and content about life who enjoy the rain and cherish it till it lasts by any means. So when it comes to the 'rain' in realty definitely the people who fight valiantly are gonna be appreciated way more then the ones who accepted the defeat.
So if I shortlist someone of the ways I think are good to keep your chin up during the 'rain', they might me as follows: 

  • Be as much positive as you possibly can.
  • Have faith.
  • Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.
  • Its gonna be okay!
  • 'I have survived way more harder things then this one'. I read it somewhere that just by telling yourself this sort of stuff physiologically helps you to work better and be positive!
  • Pray!!
  • Stay steady, don't back off.

Yeah so these are fair few which help me a lot and I think they can help other people too.
So that's that I will see you with anther post soon untill then take care!
Stay Blessed!
Stay Happy!