Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Finally Winter is here! Yay!
It is such an amazing time of the year when you can cuddle up in your blankee and have a nice cup of tea or coffeeee :) Cozy atmosphere around the house... Sitting by the fire :) And wearing cozy sweaters, scarfs  and socks :) I love wearing socks during winter I honestly live in them throughout winter:) I am so EXCITED!
Apart from drinking tons of tea I personally love eating ice creams :p Yummmm :)
Rain and winds and dark evenings!
Walking in COLD FOGGY mornings is simply amazing !
Grab a cup of hot chocolate and read a lovely book .. Ah such an amazing thing to do in winter! IT really works if you had a really busy day or if you want to give yourself a bit of time this is just perfect. Just chill for a bit, leave all the tensions behind go deeply into the book and don't forget to feel the tea at the same time very relaxing also it will make you really happy!:)
It is the best time to relax as the atmosphere gets really pleasant that helps to relax and think about new things, ideas with a fresh mind.
Happiness everywhere:p

 Enjoy this winter like never before ......:) Have fun
               And yeah don't forget to moisturize your skin It will get gross and dry...
Get excited everyone as winter is almost here!!!
I hope this post will make you more excited for winters!
                                                                       BYE :)