Monday, 21 September 2015

Night time walk!!

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone is perfect out there!:)

So a while ago I did a post about " A lovely morning walk" . You can read it here  if you want to obviously you don't have to:) So yeah that's that and someone very kindly asked me to write a post on night time walk so here it is :)

Well for me walk is an absolutely lovely thing whether it is of morning time or night time!

I think walk is such a relaxing and calming thing and it is very very beneficial as well . For me MORNING WALK is calming because the crisp wind , the birds chirping , the beautiful sunrise are definitely things that calms the mind and are so soothing to you and really prepares you for a hectic busy day ahead!

Whereas NIGHT WALK is relaxing in my opinion because darkness is very relaxing in itself and it definitely helps you to relax your body muscles . I think it should be part of our routines as it helps so much and I think all of us need a little stroll on the road staring at the sky , the moon , the stars just perfection I believe!! 

Night walk should be the time in which you can really reflect on your day! And most importantly avail this relaxing time for SELF ANALYSIS!! Well for me self analysis is a thing of great importance and I also wrote a whole post on it a while back!
If you think about the things, the mistakes or the good things that you did in the day during a lovely night walk , you can really think wisely about the changes you should make in yourself or your routine or whatever it is and also appreciate yourself! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!

Here are a few GOOD things about night walk in my OPINION!!

  • Helps to reduce any sort of stress!
  • Me time!! Yay!! Everyone loves a me time!! ( if you are on your own)
  • Relaxed body!
  • Great view obviously! Who does not love moon and stars?? :)
  • Time for self analysis!
  • Time for admiring life! basically!!
  • Night is the most amazing time of a day I think , enjoy it!

Well I love night time walks as much as I love a good morning walk, so it is indeed very hard for me to select one walk from morning or night!

I am gonna go with both of them I think!:)

Both are great!
Any walk is amazing!

Be sure to let me know walk of which time is your favorite and why!

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And I will talk with you very soon!!
Bye !
Take care!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Childhood of a 90's kid!

I hope everyone is doing well!
Today I really want to talk about the best part of anyone's life i-e childhood but I am going to talk about the childhood of a 90's kid! Well i was kind of like born in the middle of the 90's but still there is a lot that has changed from back then and to be honest I miss that time!
Honestly I think all of the 90's kid were so lucky because they had the best childhood!!
(In my opinion):) VERY SIMPLE ONE!

There are some of the things that I want to talk about and I am sure you will be able to relate yourself with it if you are a 90's kid!

  • VCR's.
We also watched movies but not by downloading them from the internet instead we watched them by having the TAPES! 

Getting the reel inside was the hardest job:)

I think they were so cool!
For me I think they were way better then the ways of watching movies these days! I know now it is very easy but watching movies from them was so simple and satisfying to me:)
Now a days you can just go on the internet and you can find a movie within some seconds. That is good but I would prefer those tapes!!
I think this would probably my favorite thing because now we have got Facebook , Whatsapp , Viber , Instagram and much much more!
We have so many friends on these sites but very less in REAL LIFE!
Back then things were done for pleasure , pictures were taken so that you can have your memories saved but now pictures are taken for Facebook and Instagram etc, this is so true!!!

People basically had a LIFE but now I don;t think people have got one because social media life is getting way more important then actual life.

Another cool thing that we enjoyed!! we were should to play outside with friends but now children haven;t got time to do so because they have got PHONES , TABLETS , I PADS , LAPTOPS etc . some of the 90's kid's had PC's (personal computers) which probably didn;t had internet or Wifi so we only had some games:


Loved them growing up! Absolute jam of 90's kid!
Kid's of this century would probably never know about these , which is sad!
Here in Pakistan we had a lot of games that we were used to play rather then being on tablets all the time the, some of them are:
Difficult one!

Great one!

loved by a lot!

Jam of everyone!
(Still to this day :p)
And loads more!!
I still prefer the childhood of 90's although things are more modern and advanced and very easily approachable but still the trends and traditions were way more nicer then now!
  • We had time for family!
  • We knew the value of meeting after a long time as now we text each other daily so we don't feel that  joy of meeting after a while!
  • We had manners!!
  • We had REAL friends not  just Facebook friends!
  • We had our pictures developed and now we can see the albums and the joy of seeing an album can never be replace!
  • More and much more!
If you are a 90's kid make sure to leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about childhood!!
I hope you enjoyed it!
P.s I didn't meant to offend any of today's generation! You are way cooler then us but this are the things you surely missed!:)
Stay happy and blessed!
I will talk to you soon!
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Friday, 11 September 2015

What is the point of worrying?

Hello Everyone!
Life is becoming hectic and hectic day by day, anxiety, stress and worry is everything that is on our heads. I am a worrier myself and I know a lot people worry about stuff like me!
But sometimes after the trouble is gone I think why was I worrying? Did it changed the result ?And that is a completely obvious thing WORRYING IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME!! If there is nothing we can do to solve the trouble then WHAT IS THE POINT OF WORRYING?

Result is going to be same whether you worry or not. When we worry what we are actually doing is ruining the time which we should enjoy! Worrying is never going to benefit you!

Instead of worrying what all of us you do is to think positive and have faith. 
I have learned it throughout my life that worrying has never done anything good in return rather then making me more and more and more stressful!


  • You will get anxious and won;t be able to do anything except WORRYING!
  • You will get angry and that is not cool and people will think what is wrong with you ? 
  • EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT and if it doesn't then get it right that it is not the end of the world!!
Pray and Pray as much as you can because it is one thing that we all know is going to give us benefit!

So worry less and stay cool and calm!
Pray and have faith!
Stay blessed!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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DIY: Motivational Wall!

I hope that everyone is doing great!

I really love creating small things by myself .I think creating something by yourself always give joy in return! For me seeing something made by me whether it is very small or big , it instantly makes me happy.

So I am now going to do some DIY's on blog!
If you don't know already DIY stands for " Do it yourself" . So basically you will be doing it yourself, along with me!! I hope all of you will enjoy creating small things with me because I love it so much!! It is my kind of passion along with writing.

First DIY:

So for the first DIY for today's post I am to going show you how to create a ' Motivational Wall' , sounds pretty interesting , isn't it? Well I think so! . This DIY is so simple like so simple!
Walls are the thing that really depict your personality don't let them be boring and plain!
make them cool and bring them to life!
So today I am going to talk you through 1 way!  
Let's get started:
I love motivational and inspirational quotes so very much and I basically live by so many of them. For some people quotes merely are just words said by a well known person but personally for me they are life changing and incredible I guess!!
So quotes are basically the important part of this DIY.

  • Get creative and choose your absolute favorite quotes!

For Example!

It is COMPLETELY up to you!!

  • Markers.

  • Colorful papers.

  • And your creativity!!

THAT'S ALL yes it is all!
It is so simple I told ya!
Start it take the papers you like write your favorite quotes on them be creative and decorate it however you want to. It will give a pop of color to your dull boring wall!
 I actually have a " Motivational wall" in my own room.. And I love it to bits!
Want to have a look?
Here you go:

 It adds a little something to my wall!
And it instantly makes me smile whenever I see it!:)

I love the quote on yellow paper! :))
True, Isn't IT??

There is your own made Motivational wall ready!
Be absolutely creative with quotes, designs , decoration!
Colors are going to put you in a really good mood if you are having one of those bad days. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this really really simple DIY!
And I hope you will recreate it and if you do please let me know and hit the follow bit for more DIY;s coming soon and some other post!
Stay happy and be positive!
I'll talk to you later!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Take out time for yourself! ME TIME!!

Hello Everyone!
I hope that everyone is doing well ! 
Today I am going to talk about ME TIME!

Honestly I love it!

If you are not familiar with what me time is, it is basically time for yourself, the time when you can really take a look at yourself and just give yourself a good amount of time!
It is very important to have some for yourself especially when you are stressed or frustrated with things happening!
So everyone's ME TIME can be completely different . Just do the things that you are neglecting because of your hectic schedule. Reflect on your life!

I am just going go through some of the things which you can do while having ME TIME!!

Obviously while having me time , you should have the best surrounding so that you can relax and calm yourself and just concentrate on yourself basically!
So just create environment which you love. For example if you like fresh scents you can light scented candles or spray your favorite fragrance or whatever you ;like it is completely up to you!
Close the curtains if you like or just open them and let the sunlight come in , again it is up to you.Just create environment you like the most and there you go!

I think this is most probably the best thing to do while having me time because warm water is really relaxing and refreshing and calming so this is the best thing to be done! So choose what you like . If you are a shower person go for it or a bath person then go for it! Enjoy it and relax as much as you can! And you can have a spa at home! 
Give yourself a facial or exfoliate your skin! File your nails! Paint them! AND love your life !



So wear the most comfy clothes you own and take over the world! :)
Obviously when you are having me time you can dress whatever you like so wear the clothes you want to!

And if you still want to look cool put some red lipstick on and you will look lovely ! ( If you like makeup so much) and paint your nails as well!
Just dress the way you want to.

Food is something that majority of the people love and just make something you enjoy or maybe order a pizza or a takeaway! Sounds amazing isn't it?
you can bake something for something as well!
My personal favorite thing is not food but tea! I love tea to the moon and back! So I go for tea first , again it is completely up to you!

  • BOOKS!
If you like reading then take a cool book out of your bookshelf and give it a go! 
Because reading really soothes your mind so I think reading for at least half and hour while me time should be done to relax yourself!
If there is a tv show you like or a movie that makes you happy then take it out and watch and with your snack and basically you have a cinema at home! 
Now you have the best environment , you are mentally and physically fresh, you have got food so it is time to reflect on your life!
Think about yourself .
Think about the things you have been neglecting for yourself!
Ask yourself some questions and find answers for them.
Think about the best moments of your life.
Think about things that makes you happy and the things that don't make you happy!
Think about your passions!
Think about the things you change in order to improve your life!
Basically on the whole I think talking to yourself can be really beneficial !
And having a little ' Me time' is going to make you really happy and positive for the upcoming days of your lives!

Don't forget yourself in this very fast moving world! Just don't leave yourself behind!
You should be the most important person in your life!! Take care of yourself!

Comment down below the things that you like to do when having me time!
And I will talk to you in the next post!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Great trip to New York and France!!??

Hello Everyone!
This post is  about my trip to a town here in Rawalpindi!
So we went there by we I mean me and my family, to visit my mother's best friend. She is incredible I love here she is so nice! so we went to visit her because she lives there.
It was such a lovely day, the weather was awesome. I am a huge lover of dark, windy , rainy weather and it was exactly the same so plus point.

It is basically a residential area with some shops as well but I was amazed how beautiful it was and it felt like another city honestly.It is massive and beautiful and the houses and flats are incredible and so cool!

We went to her flat first obviously :) then afterwards we went for a little walk and I saw something which look like Eiffel tower!! and then we went there , it was not far away but we went by car. It was beautiful i loved it , it felt so real although it is small in size but literally incredible! 

Sneak peek! :)

This is it!!

I loved it and so pretty , felt like we are in France! :) 
And it has lights on it which looks super cool in night!!
Then we came to know that we can actually go on it!! Really? yes
So what we did we went on it! And it was scary , it has got stairs but not really comfortable ones but it was worth it! The view was great :)

Still some construction is going which can be seen from the top of our own Eiffel tower! :)

Just look at the clouds isn't it incredible?
I think it is. The weather made it more and more pretty!

Here we are on the top of it! 
We even went to the upper story!:)

The view was very relaxing and calming and I felt so good afterwards and the wind was so refreshing , greenery, water just perfect!
 Then from the top of it we saw something which looked the Statue of Liberty!!
So after enjoying awesome view from Eiffel tower we went to see the Statue of Liberty!!
We drove there! And it was incredible , it honestly looked like the REAL one!

Here yo can see by yourself!
Awesome isn't it?

It felt great to see such a cool replica! It looks exactly the same. 
So basically we were in France and New York in one day! :)
Haha and I think there are more monuments as well which is great and I fell in love with Bahria town it feels like another city on it's on!!
The people who live there enjoy these things on the daily basis which is so cool. 
Loved this little trip to such a beautiful place.

And I hope you enjoyed going along with me! 
And give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!:)
I will see you very soon!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


It's been ages since I last blogged and I missed it so much!
because I love writing so much but now I  am back and I am excited to start this blog with new zeal so hopefully it will be the best!
So see you very soon with new posts!