Wednesday, 9 September 2015

DIY: Motivational Wall!

I hope that everyone is doing great!

I really love creating small things by myself .I think creating something by yourself always give joy in return! For me seeing something made by me whether it is very small or big , it instantly makes me happy.

So I am now going to do some DIY's on blog!
If you don't know already DIY stands for " Do it yourself" . So basically you will be doing it yourself, along with me!! I hope all of you will enjoy creating small things with me because I love it so much!! It is my kind of passion along with writing.

First DIY:

So for the first DIY for today's post I am to going show you how to create a ' Motivational Wall' , sounds pretty interesting , isn't it? Well I think so! . This DIY is so simple like so simple!
Walls are the thing that really depict your personality don't let them be boring and plain!
make them cool and bring them to life!
So today I am going to talk you through 1 way!  
Let's get started:
I love motivational and inspirational quotes so very much and I basically live by so many of them. For some people quotes merely are just words said by a well known person but personally for me they are life changing and incredible I guess!!
So quotes are basically the important part of this DIY.

  • Get creative and choose your absolute favorite quotes!

For Example!

It is COMPLETELY up to you!!

  • Markers.

  • Colorful papers.

  • And your creativity!!

THAT'S ALL yes it is all!
It is so simple I told ya!
Start it take the papers you like write your favorite quotes on them be creative and decorate it however you want to. It will give a pop of color to your dull boring wall!
 I actually have a " Motivational wall" in my own room.. And I love it to bits!
Want to have a look?
Here you go:

 It adds a little something to my wall!
And it instantly makes me smile whenever I see it!:)

I love the quote on yellow paper! :))
True, Isn't IT??

There is your own made Motivational wall ready!
Be absolutely creative with quotes, designs , decoration!
Colors are going to put you in a really good mood if you are having one of those bad days. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this really really simple DIY!
And I hope you will recreate it and if you do please let me know and hit the follow bit for more DIY;s coming soon and some other post!
Stay happy and be positive!
I'll talk to you later!