Saturday, 6 February 2016

The place which means the world to me!

I hope everyone is well out there!
Today I wanted to talk about my happy place , I think everyone has a happy place where they feel the best I have got one as well.
My happy place is my village from where my parents , well my father belongs and I have been going there ever since I was born and all of my relatives live there and I feel so loved when I am there!

Most people feel the best when they go to extremely beautiful places with great views and amazing weather , that is alright but I think for me my happy place is the place where there is love and where you have all the people you love!

So this is my happy place , the place where my heart is ,the place where I feel great!

and just to let you know it may not be the most outstanding place that you have ever seen but for me it means the world to me!

Weather looks amazing here!

 Malty! the best part :)

So yeah it is not the most stunning place that is just so pretty but i love it to the moon and back because I have been to this place since I was a little girl!
I have the best memories there with the best people!
So this is honestly my happy place.

My fave sort of weather! 

 I spy a cheeky little cat there!

For me it is Heaven! :)
love being there and always ready to go cause I love it to bits!
This view looks great! doesn't it? 

So let me know which place is your happy place!
Thanks for reading !