Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's okay to be sad!

I hope everything and everyone is perfect out there!
Today I am going to talk about feeling down and low about yourself and your life!
We just have this weird perception that everyone has a perfect life except us! Which I must say is not at all true but we think about it this way!
Everyone in this whole entire world gets sad and in my opinion it is completely normal.
Nobody has got a perfect life , this is the thing which we should remind our self most of the times as it will help us to go through those sad moments. 
  • Crying!
Crying...In my opinion is the best and most easy way to let all the emotions out and feel 'normal' again. One should not feel ashamed of crying. It is definitely not an act of cowardliness it is just a gesture of feeling human. So cry if you want to don't ever hide it just for the sake of others!
  • Inscribe!   
Well this is a difficult one from some people including me. I find it really hard to share my feelings or my issues with other people , I think it is completely normal because a lot of people feel this way . So a good solution is to just write whatever is bothering you or making you sad , trust me it really does help. It makes you feel better!

  • Nothing is PERFECT!
Remind yourself that nobody has a perfect life and it is completely fine to have a day that just wipes out of your calendar. For this purpose you can write some motivational quotes on the wall of your bedroom or keep something that will help you in feeling positive on your side table!

  • Time will change!

This is the best quality of time that it never remains same , it changes. So it is alright to have a sad day because it will go and you won't even remember it.

Keep this in ind that nobody is perfect and the people tat we think have got the perfect and most amazing lives , have not the best lives . They feel down as well they feel stressed as well so you are not alone in the!

Just remember to be positive about yourself and about your life and just tell the sadness that you are not gonna work on me I am stronger then you !
Be confident!
You are much much more then you think! Having a bad day is honestly not the end of the world. I know for sure that when we think that world is going to to end when we are sad but trust me it is not the case and it is never ever going to happen!
Sadness is just an emotion like other emotions of being happy o anxious or excited etc. So just treat it like an emotion and not as a matter of life and death!
It is gonna be alright!